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  1. jbiplane

    Lighweight opposite 2-stroke engines

    We produce 90,120, 183, 294, 350, 598cc opposites with our proprietary patented exhaust system. Engines have very small vibration level and can be delivered with Fuel injections, belt or gear reductions... The simplest configuration of 294 cc on photo. This engine suits well for paramotors...
  2. jbiplane

    SmartEMS - new Engine Management System for 2-stroke, 4-stroke and wankel engines

    Hi guys My company created cost effective and very easy to setup by nonprofessional ECU SmartEMS suited for 1 2 and 4 cylinder 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines (we have prof and standart as well) It manages fuel injection + ignition installed on 40cc 4-stroke and engine immediatelly run after...