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    Why not use bladders in fuel tanks?

    I have this weird idea that I got while drinking from a water bladder out in the wilderness. Why not install a bladder inside the fuel tank so that there is less likelihood of air in the gasoline tank? Secondary question I was wondering is about ferry tanks. Why not have a bladder as a...
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    Why don't bush planes have head rests?

    Always wondered when looking at the cubs and the vans and the zeniths, Highlanders etc... I never see them with seats that have head rests. Why?
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    Help a newbie understand IFR concepts

    I'm getting a little confused. On one hand I used to think experimental GA means you don't need certified avionics, but then I'm reading that if you're doing IFR, you'll have to get certified avionics, which are HIDEOUSLY EXPENSIVE. I consider myself about 5 years away from seriously going...
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    Anyone near Juno, AL in middle of July and wants to fly?

    I'm from CA but in AL in July on a cruise. Somehow the idea of paying some commercial outfit to fly around for 45 minutes doesn't sound that interesting. I'd so much rather talk shop and geek out on homebuilt plane stuff. So I figure why not ask around these parts and see if there might be...
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    hmm. D motor f 39 or ULpower 360iS ? Cub style 2-seater (highlander)

    Both same price range. I like the simplicity of the d motor. A bit worried about the company being smaller. ULpower looks like they're becoming another Rotax but the engines look pretty complex. I just can't make up my mind. I'm not an engine nut. But want to be sure that I can fix...
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    What's the not so obvious stuff you worry about when flying in very low temperatures

    So you checked your liquids and the airframe and propeller are perfectly clean. And it's minus 10 degrees as you're getting ready to go, with a nice brisk 10 knot wind... I was wondering if anyone would care to share some not too obvious concerns and issues you faced when flying a plane in...
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    Real World engine options, but still on a tight budget

    My feelings about used engines are the same as with used computers and cars. Might get lucky, but you have no idea how the engine was maintained, if anything undesirable has happened, etc... I'm researching options for a UL bush plane, something like a cub or highlander, and would need decent...
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    Highlander kit and Oratex

    The Just Aircraft Highlander Kit apparently comes with fabric. Say I want to use Oratex... will they give me a credit for not buying the kit fabric? I asked them via email but got no reply (can't easily call during business hours due to work circumstances). Thought maybe someone has done this...
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    D-Motor or ULpower

    Hey bcmj, are you still a west coast distributor for D-motor? Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone in here has had any experience with D-motor on an E-AB ULS or something along those lines? ULpower is a much bigger company and has extensive engine experience with their background in racing...
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    Repost: what's my kit plane REALLY gonna cost?

    My original thread morphed into an interesting and lively discussion about certified vs. conversion engines (which I hope admins can place under the appropriate category and re-title)... So I'll just try again and hope that this go-around we can keep it on the topic of financial modeling...
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    Who is at Oshkosh right now? What's it like?

    I wish I was at AirVenture this week... Maybe some folks on this board are actually, physically, there and care to share their impressions..?
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    So, what's my kit plane REALLY gonna cost when it's all done?

    I'm lolling around to see what budget I should expect for building a Sort-of STOL bush plane. I want to do this kind of stuff: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ucdb0TKu3rk But in reality, I will probably spend more time landing on, errr, more traditional landing spots. If I can get over the...
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    Flying a N registration in EU...

    In another thread someone mentioned that planes flying in Europe that are registered in the US get a few advantages... This got me wondering about two things: 1) why would the EASA treat N differently if it's physically flying in Europe? 2) what route could a LSA actually take...
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    What happens in Europe if you just fly your LSA around the hood and land on pastures?

    Okay, first cue the snarky comments about running over cows while landing on pastures... But seriously, last time I was in Bavaria, I saw a number of little planes, a few trikes, and kept thinking "aw man... I wanna do that" My impression is that USA has a more lenient attitude in the FAA...
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    Just Aircraft SuperSTOL - difference between having 100hp vs 200hp?

    I recently read on the just aircraft site that they now have a stretch version that can accommodate a 6-stroke engine (they talk about a UL 560 or an O-320, IIRC). Does anyone here have a good grasp of what exactly the primary effect would be between one engine and another? At first...
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    how can I tell the landing fees without having access to special apps?

    I'm currently engaging in some armchair piloting of my imaginary airplane, a Highlander SuperSTOL... and am wondering: is there a quick n dirty way to figure out landing fees on airports? Right now I'm curious about this one: Platzinfo Flugplatz Merseburg in Sachsen-Anhalt All they say is...
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    Why do engine related failures cause fatal crashes in fixed wing aircraft?

    I was cruising through old posts and read about an accident that apparently was due to... Well, just read it here: https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/firewall-forward-props-fuel-system/10185-sad-news-bud-warren-down.html#post226426 My question is: why wouldn't an experienced pilot be...
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    Searay or Osprey?

    Just like the title says. Which one you think is better? Why? I know. It's not an apples to apples comparison. But I'd love to hear from folks who have seen these or built them, or considered them. For me, the Osprey looks accessible. A kit can be bought for under $10k, but I'd worry...
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    What's the minimum VFR analog avionics you need in a LSA?

    I guess I could actually study airplane design and get an actual pilots license and then is know the answer. But where us the fun in that. I was wondering: what's the minimum that you have to have to legally fly an LSA? My guesses are: - compass - oil temp - oil pressure - altimeter -...
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    Can LSA fly across Bering strait?

    I have this dream of flying to Eastern Russia from Alaska via the Bering strait. Is that even possible? I mean, legally, paperwork, flight plans, towers... airspace, etc. Do people do it? Would it be costly? I read about some people flying across the world and noticed that in some areas, it's...