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  1. pfarber

    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    What was the process? Did you get listed price? Only as a credit? Thanks!
  2. pfarber

    Using only GPS as your EFIS inputs??? Why u do dat?

    I am not picking on any unit in particular.. but I'm doing some reading and see that many DIY EFIS are not using gyros or direct sensing, but instead using GPS for AHRS. Example is Flightview. "The AHRS system uses GPS data to determine if, how much, and in what direction the aircraft is...
  3. pfarber

    Drill bit sharpener or new bits?

    Any thoughts on buying something like a Drill Doctor for re-sharpening bits or should they by thrown away once dull?
  4. pfarber

    If Cessna/Piper/Beech released the plans for X, would you build one?

    Since most of us trained in the 'standard' trainers, if given the opportunity to build one, would you? Yes, there are 'cheap' certified airplanes, but staying in the certified world means bearing costs that are, well, unbearable. Are their E/ABs that mimic the 172 and Archer etc/al in...
  5. pfarber

    Rib/skin rivets and fuel tank sealant.

    I was looking through a build thread and saw that a guy had slathered sealant on the skin and the rib flange, then cleco'd in place. Allowed the sealant to set, and then riveted. Now, when prepping sheet metal, we drill/ream/debur to get the best possible fit. Yet somewhere/somehow this...
  6. pfarber

    Loom the harness?

    My EFI controller is built and I'm ready to make a harness. Although most car harnesses are loomed with that plastic tubing I am of the opinion that it would be better to not loom the harness for an motor in an AC. My thoughts are I want to see every wire to check for abrasion. I'm sure I can...
  7. pfarber

    Air driven generator?

    Anyone ever think of or know of a production unit that would be air driven at say 50+ mph? I see lots of military aircraft pods with electrical generators and was wondering it that was a possible emergency or even daily use thing on E/AB's? Perhaps a unit with enough power to supply the...
  8. pfarber

    Lowest cost AHRS EFIS/6 pack replacement?

    It seems that the minimum entry point for a basic EFIS is just at the $3k mark. I honestly don't see the value at this price point. Are there any sub-$1500 EFIS that just do the basics? Cannot be solely GPS based. Tablet based is fine, r-pi is not.
  9. pfarber

    Just for discussion, Mechanical fuel injection?

    I watched a recent Experimental Aircraft Channel video about Mechanical Fuel injection. Seems pretty straightforward, are there any significant benefits that I might be missing? Other than not needing electricity and an ECU what would a mechanical system give that an electric one would not...
  10. pfarber

    TunerStudio is on sale

    If you are at all interested in stand alone Megasquirt ECU EFI Analytics is having a pretty good sale. The base level of TunerStudio is free, but a lot of the logging and auto tuning stuff is only in the higher paid for versions...
  11. pfarber

    Anyone deal with speeduino?

    Evidently there is ECU developed for the Arduino chip. Uses the exact same programming interface, TunerStudio, so I'm thinking the same firmware? Specs are a little lighter than Megasquirt, but its also half the cost. So far I have not read much bad about the system. Anyone have and thoughts??
  12. pfarber

    Flattening rolled sheet metal?

    Aircraft Spruce can roll .032 Al for shipping. I'll assume that there are no issues once you unroll it? Will it lay truly flat of will there always be a slight bow? Thanks!
  13. pfarber

    Subscription is an automatic annual renewal?

    I want to support the forum, but what is this??? Donated today, cancelled today. Its not that hard to accept $20 from a person without all this hassle. Please fix if you want to see a donation next year. Payments stop after cycle: Until cancellation
  14. pfarber

    TOS link is not working

    The link for the TOS is not working. 404's on every one I have tried. https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/tos/ Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server.
  15. pfarber

    Any tips for a good used/starter o-scope

    I'm going to be doing some electronics work on my plane and think a good o-scope would be helpful. I used one in the Navy when repairing MDFs but those where $20k units that I have no need for. Any tips/specs for a decent used o-scope for electronics (Arduino/megasquirt) work? Under $150-ish...
  16. pfarber

    4500rpm propeller to negate the PSRU

    I've been reading that quite a few airplanes are swinging much smaller props much faster... 4000rpm and above and still seeing good cruise speeds. Sensetech and Warp drive make 4000rpm props for the Rotax and the performance charts look decent...
  17. pfarber

    2016 Pentastar engine... worth considering?

    Since I have not bought a engine, I am still open to suggestions. I see that the 2016 Pentastar engine is a pretty good candidate: All aluminum 60deg V6 (no balance shaft!) In 'car form' is 326lbs (I'd say less than 300 when put in 'aircraft mode') 200hp at slightly over 4000rpm (out of 290hp...
  18. pfarber

    Kitplanes engine buyers guide....

    So they list all the usual suspects. Let me make this one point: In the "Horizontally opposed' category (basically certified or certified knock off) there were 34 engines between 150 and 200hp In the "Inline and Vee" category (basically the car motors) there were 3 engines between 150 and...
  19. pfarber

    Why are Franklin the only sleeved cylinders?

    I had always thought that aircraft cylinders were sleeved... turns out I was wrong. They are thrown out when used. But then I found that Franklin cylinders ARE sleeved, and repairs can be pretty cheap. Any other certified engines use sleeves in GA? Any idea why Cont/Lyc uses disposable...
  20. pfarber

    Stinger drives just priced me out of a conversion...

    Just checked the web site, $5500 for a PSRU in an AC. That would put my auto conversion over $10k. NOPE. Time to start looking at airboat engines.