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  1. PagoBay

    912ULS - Rotax with E.F.I. / Turbo / Bing 64 Carb Backup

    Italian company bumps Rotax 912ULS to 142HP with EFI + Bing 64 Carbs as a backup Do the claims made stand up under HBA scrutiny? PROMO WEB PAGE https://www.flygas.info/flygas-912-rotax/ FULL VIDEO OVERVIEW
  2. PagoBay

    Aeromarine VTwin now in Electric Hybrid Version

    Welcome Hybird — New Four-Stroke Engine for Light Aircraft; Replaces HKS https://www.bydanjohnson.com/welcome-hybird-new-four-stroke-engine-for-light-aircraft-replaces-hks/
  3. PagoBay

    Safety Question - Seats with Headrests

    One guy in a crash never upgraded his Cessna's old style, across the lap only seatbelts, to proper shoulder harnesses. Nearly cost him and his wife their lives. Now. three point harnesses and four point harnesses are the usual for even older homebuilt aircraft that I have seen. Related to...
  4. PagoBay

    Zenith Homecoming Sept 18-19

    2020 was almost devoid of airshows for reasons well known to all. Zenith is proceeding with their annual homecoming fly-in with owner/builder presentations, demo flights, vendor booths, etc. http://www.zenith.aero/profiles/blogs/2020-zenith-homecoming Featured aircraft and speakers include...
  5. PagoBay

    KOLB Mark III Project - Phoenix AZ $8500

    Please don't reply to this thread. Discussion is welcome at the post in the for sale sub forum. I am only posting here because some very knowledgeable senior members who are Kolb experts (VB!) may miss the post otherwise. Click on the link just below to go to the discussion thread. thanks...
  6. PagoBay

    KOLB Mark III Project - Phoenix AZ $8500

    KOLB Mark III - Phoenix AZ $8500 - PROJECT 85% Complete I was considering purchasing this aircraft but my location and travel restrictions make buying an airplane now very difficult. After expressing strong interest in purchasing but backing out, I thought maybe a capable buyer could be...
  7. PagoBay

    Geo Metro 3 Cyl - A Good Engine??

    Hello HBA... I am seriously considering my second venture into LSA E-AB ownership. First go round was, shall we say, "an education". I survived, literally, and sold the aircraft with an expensive but bearable cash loss. Trying to do better this time. Yesterday, I got an email saying...
  8. PagoBay

    New FAR 103 Merlin Lite from Aeromarine's Chip Erwin

    Have a look here: https://www.aeromarine-lsa.com/merlin-lite/ Will be offered in Electric version soon. Uses a CanAm ATV VTwin engine as noted on HBA last year. RTF $32k
  9. PagoBay

    Dan Johnson on LSA Proposed Rule Changes - Latest Update

    See the link here on HBA to Dan's latest update: https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/threads/lsa-weight-to-be-3600-pounds-soon.32472/page-5 Be sure to read the comments. Valuable Q&A there.
  10. PagoBay

    Rainbow Aviation - Relocated LSRM Course

    News report from Dan Johnson. https://www.bydanjohnson.com/mechanically-minded-rainbow-starts-light-sport-repairman-training-in-missouri/ Rainbow’s 15-day Light Sport Repairman Maintenance Courses are taught in their new home facility in Kingsville, Missouri. These courses allow the...
  11. PagoBay

    Belly Canard Flap on STOL airplane

    Interesting question on the Zenith forum. I suggested the owner come and join HBA. Link to his post: http://www.zenith.aero/group/stolch701/forum/topic/show?id=2606393:Topic:702975&xg_source=msg Noticed this in his post: Bonus points for real aerodynamicists or folks with STOL or canard...
  12. PagoBay

    How do "Conversations" work

    I am used to sending "Private Messages" when appropriate in other forum sites. Here we have "Conversations". Are these exchanges private? Looking around a bit, it seems not. How to send a member a truly PM private message here? Thanks RMM-Guam