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  1. snaildrake

    What I'm up to ...

    Hi Kevin- Welcome to the forums. You'll probably get more suggestions if you start your own thread with this question. It always helps if you can include what you're most interested in building, what you want to do with the plane (the "mission"), and what your exposure to flying has been thus...
  2. snaildrake

    A faster bush plane...

    Hi- My guess is that the people who could answer those questions would be a) Earl Luce, who created the Buttercup replica plans (and who knew Steve W. personally) and the staff at the museum in Oshkosh where the original B'cup lives. Earl's email address is listed on the Luce Air web site. I...
  3. snaildrake

    A faster bush plane...

    There are two kitplanes that are pretty robust and gross right at 1320 lbs. The Justair Highlander comes the closest to meeting your gross weight and useful load targets, if you didn't add too much instrumentation or creature comforts - a light one is under 800 lbs. The Murphy Rebel Or Rebel...
  4. snaildrake

    Preceptor Stol King

    Hi Steve! I spent a lot of time in 2011 investigating the LOM 332. As of last year the LOM 332 and Mikron were both supposed to be available, though neither appears to be in regular production. The last price I saw for the 332 was around US$30,000, the package including a prop and engine mount...
  5. snaildrake

    Wood for aircraft building

    Ryan, Yes, that's the one. Look through the other EAA books while you're at their site. I hear good things about the sheet metal books too, and some have recommended their welding guide. Especially if you're new to fabricating as well as aircraft, the Tony Bingelis series is a great...
  6. snaildrake

    Wood for aircraft building

    Ryan, Time to start your library. There is a book from EAA, "Aircraft Building Techniques: Wood" that you should get, covers a lot of ground on material properties as well as building techniques. Some of the information is outdated, particularly building techniques, so you have to read with...
  7. snaildrake

    Trailing Edge wood choice? "Dakota Hawk"

    Danielle, is the wood trailing edge piece on the Dakota Hawk reinforced at all? On the Flitzer plans the trailing edge is built up from a solid triangular core with birch ply on the top and bottom. Sometimes a quick digital photo of your plan detail is a good aid for a question like this. -Snail
  8. snaildrake

    Trailing Edge wood choice? "Dakota Hawk"

    Hi Danielle- I think you're not getting a lot of help here. I'm not an experienced aircraft builder, just a woodworker like you getting started with aircraft, but let me mention a few important principles I've learned hanging around the seasoned builders and engineers here. 1. Follow the...
  9. snaildrake

    Wood for aircraft building

    Hi Ryan- That's a very open question, kind of like "How big is a box?" On the large end, the WW II Mosquito bomber somewhat qualifies as "wood" (composite really), while there are a variety of wooden designs from the slower Bowers Fly Baby and Pietenpol Air Camper to the Z-21 Flitzer, biplane...
  10. snaildrake

    wood racing aircraft?

    There are no plans for the Cleveland as yet. And that plane is quite far afield from the current Flitzer Z-21 biplane and its closely related variants. Who knows how many more of his ideas Mr. Williams will be able to produce? -Snail
  11. snaildrake

    wood racing aircraft?

    Depending on exactly what you mean by "racer like an Edge 540 or Extra 300", here are the possibilities I know of in high-performance and aerobatic plans-built wooden airframes: Falco F.8L 175mph 75% cruise Pereira GP-4 Asso X Jewel Sorry, my spreadsheet doesn't list flight load limits for...
  12. snaildrake

    Flitzer Biplane

    Calling Jung Tiger to the red courtesy phone....Garrett has been buying his spruce from AS&S. Mine came from an old project stash. -Snail
  13. snaildrake

    Which experimental?

    Hey fusionfab- On top of all the good advice you're getting about realistically defining your needs, I have a strong suggestion: you need to see some experimentals before you pick one. Just as a simple illustration, the single seaters you've mentioned are **small**, shoehorn small, can't find it...
  14. snaildrake

    Asso X Jewel - Alessandro Franchi wooden aircraft

    Let's not make assumptions based on both designs being tandem seated -- in a couple years of following Vidor's aircraft I have never heard that the two are related. That being said, based on their weight class his wood-built designs have very small useful loads, such that two well-fed Americans...
  15. snaildrake

    Looking for kit/plans plane that's suburb friendly

    May I suggest a late entrant, the Bede BD-4B (or -C)? Its specs parallel your requirements both in cabin size, performance and non-rivet build methods. 42" wide cabin, +6.3/-6.3G aerobatic capability, 150-165mph cruise depending on which O-320 or O-360 you use. The airframe is bolted aluminum...
  16. snaildrake

    LOM M332C

    Hakan- Don't waste any time trying to talk to Moravia. When I looked into LOM Praga engines last year, it was clear Moravia has not been an active distributor for many years. They closed their U.S. distributorship and just support existing installations from Canada. So you will either have to...
  17. snaildrake

    Wood Durability?

    Falconar Avia's covering system is Hipec. -Dan
  18. snaildrake

    Scaled-down T-28

    OK, time for visual points of reference - save us all cycles on Google :-). I'm more familiar with the T-6 Texan, so this has been instructive. -Dan 3-view: Army T-28C:
  19. snaildrake

    4.5L turbo-diesel v8

    The hope that remains is this is a fully developed powerplant. So it appears that it could be brought out within a year or so of a decision to go ahead. Of course that means even in 2014 the 4.5 will be very new, hardly available on the used market. -Dan
  20. snaildrake

    4.5L turbo-diesel v8

    Wonderful as the descriptions seem (see a capsule below), it's not clear that this engine is ever going to see production. It appears that the new diesel is a hostage to the poor economy, though U.S. federal regulations that increase fuel economy standards in 2016 may motivate new engines in...