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    Current state of Great Plains Aircraft?

    I'm interested in buying some VW parts from them. Has anyone ordered something from them recently? ( Like in the last couple of months) I do know Steve Bennett passed away, and read that the new owner has passed away too. Does anyone have an up to date SITREP? Thanks
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    Sources for mechanical Manifold pressure gauge around 1-1/4" diameter

    I've looked around and found some in the 2-1/8" range, but would really like one that is smaller ( panel space is very tight). I want one that doesn't require electricity to operate. Something that is reasonable quality and cost effective too. I found a 2-1/4" inch one at Summit racing for...
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    For Sale Underwing Pitot static head

    New cast pitot head with static ports. Measures approximately 1-1/2" X 2-1/2" (not including the mount lugs). $50.00 shipped in CONUS, payment with a POSTAL money order only. All others are worthless to me. Item will be shipped USPS with tracking. Thanks for looking
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    Can I bend this 1/2" 2024 with a 20 ton press?

    Fabrication is my forte', more complicated engineering calculations, not so much. I am hoping that someone who can do this calculation, can help me. I intend to use the type of jig used below with some refinements. I'm trying to bend up a spring landing gear. The piece to be bent is 1/2"...
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    What clearance between pin hinge pieces on tail feathers?

    A question for folks. I'm making these hinges and wondering what kind of clearance do I need between each one of them? I figure you need to allow for a little movement, paint and the ability to get some lube in there. What clearance is typical on each side of the center hinge ( 1/16, 1/32...
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    For Sale Modern Aircraft Design Vol 1 and 2 by Martin Hollmann

    Like new copies I've had put aside for many years. $110.00 shipped in CONUS. Payment with a POSTAL money order. Thanks for Looking
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    For Sale 3/4 Scale P-51 Mustang Replica (Jurca MJ-77 Plans)

    I've had these for quite a while now. Great condition and very detailed. $450.00 shipped
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    For Sale WAR FW190 plans

    I bought these in the mid 90's. Stored well, not faded. $220.00 shipped in CONUS. Payment with a POSTAL money order only. Thanks for looking
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    For Sale Tires and rims for Warbird replica

    New Goodyear flight eagle 16 X 4.4 tires, new tubes, rims. Tires are 15" diameter. These were for an 80% project I was building. $825.00 shipped in CONUS. Payment with a Postal Money order only. Thanks for looking.
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    Misc A/C parts for sale

    Aircraft parts for sale all prices include shipping in CONUS 1) 16 X 4.4 tires and mag wheels with tubes. These are new tires and tubes for a learjet. Also a pair of nice mag wheels that are split rims off of a Merlin metro. These would look great on a 3/4 scale warbird. $550.00...
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    For Sale NIB Geschwender reduction drive

    Hi, I have one of Fred's last reduction drives made before he died. It is 1.98:1 reduction, set up with a constant speed prop option ( or the hole could be plugged for a fixed pitch prop). Absolutely new in the box, $6500.00 plus shipping. It is set up for Chevrolet with a Chevy crank...
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    WTS Jurca MJ-77 Mustang plans

    Complete plans set $500.00 plus shipping. I also have many fabricated parts that I will list for sale shortly, as soon as I take an inventory and take some pictures. Thanks, John H. in NH