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  1. TurbAero

    VH-SRS 170 knot Sonerai II

    I am starting a thread about a "Super Sonerai II" that has been developed in Australia by world record setter Robin Austin. His new Sonerai II is registered in Australia as VH-SRS. It is fitted with a stock Rotax 912ULS and has a cruise speed of around 170ktas with 2 on board. I am...
  2. TurbAero

    Website photos sought - TurbAero

    Hi everyone, Turbine Aeronautics is updating it’s website (www.turb.aero) and we are looking for some stunning photos of experimental aircraft to use on the new website. We want to showcase the types of aircraft that our turbine engines could be fitted to, which is pretty well any experimental...
  3. TurbAero

    Lightning Bug

    For those here that are not on my Lightning Bug Experimental Aircraft Facebook page, here is an update on the performance of Milton’s Jabiru 3300 powered, fixed nosegear Lightning Bug (VH-EMK). This Bug has around 5 hours of flight time so far over the last couple of months. We have been...
  4. TurbAero

    Twin engine 4 seater - Softex V24

    Softex Aero is a Ukranian company that has developed a 4 seat twin engine aircraft that utilises either 2 x Rotax 912 or 2 x Lycoming O320 engines. It is a certificated aircraft in Ukraine but there was talk of them releasing the aircraft as a kit. The aircraft was demonstrated at Sun'n'fun a...
  5. TurbAero

    “Website not secure”

    Hi Mods, I did a periodic deletion of cookies and browsing history on my iPad. When I went to log in to HBA again, I put my username in but when I tapped on the password box, I got a red “Website not secure” appearing in the address box in place of homebuiltairplanes.com. Should this be of...
  6. TurbAero

    Lightning Bug in Australia

    Jabiru 3300 powered Lightning Bug (VH-EMK) completed its first flight last weekend after an 8 year build by Adelaide based Milton and Ted King. The first flight was done by Ted. It also had its second flight yesterday, flown by Milton EMK differs from other Lightning Bugs by being the only...
  7. TurbAero

    120hp / 200hp Turboprop Engines

    Hello to all HBA members. I would like to introduce you all to Turbine Aeronautics, an Australian company that is in the throes of developing a family of small uncertificated turbine engines for recreational aviation and UAV/drone applications. Our launch product will be a 120hp turboprop that...