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  1. Offcenter

    Suspicious Message

    Hi Jake. I received a suspicious private message this morning from someone posting under the name "Eternity". The message had a link attached which I did NOT click on. I've deleted the private message but you probably still have ways to access it. You may want to check on this. Thanks for...
  2. Offcenter

    Is it a Lightning?

    Gentlemen, I saw this plane at a fly-in yesterday and can't find any information on it. I believe the data plate said it was a "Orion Lightning", but I may be wrong. Anyone ever seen one like this and know what it is?
  3. Offcenter

    Encoding altimeter to transponder

    Gentlemen, I have a Smiths Industries encoding altimeter, part # 01-200-103. And I have a ARC RT-859A transponder. I'd like to interface them in the Challenger I'm building. I've googled myself silly and can't find much of anything about how to hook them together. I've also checked the...
  4. Offcenter

    ANOTHER newbie from N.J.

    Hi everybody, Apparently I'm the second guy from New Jersey to check in here recently, and my name is also George. I recently jumped from dreamer to builder when I bought the wrecked remains of a Challenger II that had been torn loose from it's moorings and blown across the airport by high...