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    M.A.C. for Elliptical Wings

    Have fun with the calculus. Billski Thanks for the reply Wsimp and Marc. I tried another approach. Since the shape of my wing is ellipse i used the formula for finding the centroid of half ellipse. I projected it vertically and that is the MAC i used. But i think I will also try that equation...
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    M.A.C. for Elliptical Wings

    Just quick question. I'm having trouble integrating the formula for the MAC of an elliptical wing. The book gives the formula MAC = 1/S integral of c squared dy upper limit of b/2 and lower limit of -b/2.
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    High Wing and T Tail

    Hi. Can you please list down the advantages and disadvantages between a conventional tail and a T-tail. I am currently designing an aircraft and I want it to have a great maneuverabilty and i read that T-tails are more maneuverable than conventional. BTW its a single prop engine mounted at the...
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    Building a Sailpane

    Thanks for the answers. We already presented our proposals for the sailplane to our Chairpersons. We are now preparing to present it to our College President. Hope he will choose it.
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    Tell us what you are building!

    hey guys. gerome here. I'm thinking of building a sailplane with my friends. I really have no idea on how we are going to build it. I'm still doing the proposal and i just want to ask on how much money would we need if we are going to build a sailplane 1 seater, mostly made of wood and aluminum...
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    Building a Sailpane

    Good day everyone. I'm a newbie here. I'm a student, me and my batchmates are thinking of building a sailplane. I'm just wondering on how much money should we prepare if we're thinking of building a sailplane for 1 crew and mostly made of wood. I am still on the proposal page so I want to know...