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  1. fixnflyr

    Wanted Need to hire Steel 4130 welder

    Why do you need electricity bill copy?
  2. fixnflyr

    The aero engineering world has suffered a great loss.

    Thank you Roger for all you gave to us at International Formula 1! I appreciate all of the good advice you gave me on "Heatstroke". You will be sadly missed. And ALSO thank you Grace for all of your contributions as well! You both are in my prayers. Swaid.
  3. fixnflyr

    For Sale 26 - Bureau of Aeronautics - Navy Department - Airplane Mfg Booklets, 1942-1943

    Too bad they sold already! Wonder if these books are available somewhere else?
  4. fixnflyr

    Cessna tests new “Skycourier” and it’s actually not too terrible

    Yes I'm pretty sure it was. I sold "Heatstroke" in 2018.
  5. fixnflyr

    Cessna tests new “Skycourier” and it’s actually not too terrible

    I shipped my airplane in 2017 except it was to Thailand for the Air Race 1 Cup race along with 15 other airplanes right after Reno. Unfortunately a couple of the racers were damaged due to rough handling of the containers. I have though about having a dedicated shipping crate which would make...
  6. fixnflyr

    Cessna tests new “Skycourier” and it’s actually not too terrible

    I need one to put my IF1 racer in and fly it to Reno. I have been dreaming about something like the GAFHawk for a long time. Maybe some Airtractor wings, a Pratt -41 and a 7' x 7' box with a ramp door on the back. 8500# gross, 1700# fuel = 5.5 hrs range, 2300# payload- enough for a Cassutt...
  7. fixnflyr

    Polen Special, anyone?

    Hi David Moxley, Thank you for posting your progress, it is an inspiration to all! I am looking forward to your updates. I went and viewed the Polen Special at Dick's house in 2015. It was apart and needed some work. He told me he may not ever fly it again and might donate it to a museum. It is...
  8. fixnflyr

    A&P Mechanic needed in Savannah GA., Great pay plus free use of our airplanes.

    We need two more A&P mechanics in Savannah at Savannah Aviation. We are growing fast since we bought it a year ago. We are a full service aircraft maintenance shop and Cessna/Beech service center. We opened the flight school back up in March 2019 and we have 7 instructors and 10 airplanes for...
  9. fixnflyr

    V - Witt / Witts V

    Awesome Mike! You are an inspiration to others. Reading your progress makes me want to build. We are getting ready to start the mold on the SnoShoo wing. Are you going to Reno this year?
  10. fixnflyr

    300 HP Airframe Needed.

    Thank you!
  11. fixnflyr

    300 HP Airframe Needed.

    Or maybe something flying with an auto conversion I could remove and install the 540 on.....
  12. fixnflyr

    300 HP Airframe Needed.

    Most of the suggestions would work. The main objective is to purchase a previously flying home-built minus the engine and prop so I can install mine. I am not looking for a keeper but something that has a resell market. I am familiar with all the above aircraft but the one off twin named Gumbo...
  13. fixnflyr

    300 HP Airframe Needed.

    Hello All, I am looking to buy an Experimental air-frame minus the engine and prop. I would like to find one that has previously flown and needs an engine and prop Or very close to completion. I have a complete Aerostar 600 that I am parting out. I will consider most anything except one off...
  14. fixnflyr

    Mike makes parts

    In order to make it a Gold class racer I would need to change to a tapered wing, cut down the turtle deck and canopy, new carbon tail, new engine mount and cowling, etc..... I figured it would be faster to build a new plane and not scrap a slab wing racer with race history. I was planning to...
  15. fixnflyr

    Mike makes parts

    I did not know you parted with your Cassutt?! I was hoping I would meet you one September in Reno. I sold Heatstroke in March'18. We are working on a SnoShoe for 2020. Good luck with the Smith.
  16. fixnflyr

    Cassutt - looking for anyone who knows anything about it

    Here is a few pictures of Thailand. One of them shows the rudder shape on Heatstroke. I think my rudder might have a straight trailing edge similar to Mother Holiday.
  17. fixnflyr

    Wing spar sizing design

    Is there a program (freeware calculator) or other simple means used to calculate the loads and sizing of a light aircraft "C" channel spar design, either wing or tail? To be applied to a Cassutt sized airplane used for Racing. Thanks, Fixnflyr
  18. fixnflyr

    Wanted Need CONTINENTAL O-200 accessory case p/n 627307A10 OR 653679A5

    No longer looking, I found what I needed on Barnstormers.
  19. fixnflyr

    Wanted Need CONTINENTAL O-200 accessory case p/n 627307A10 OR 653679A5

    Need CONTINENTAL O-200 accessory case p/n 627307A10 OR 653679A5 for Reno Cassutt racer. Also interested in other O-200 parts. Please contact me if you know of any. Thank you, Swaid
  20. fixnflyr

    Fuselage Jig Blocks

    I really like your jigging system! I will have to borrow that! Thanks, Swaid