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    Long distance flight

    I agree, Dana. Read Jimmy Buffett's book "A Pirate Looks At Fifty". He flew his family and friends on a major trip to numerous places in the Caribbean and northern South America. Despite all his destination countries having LOTS of water, he was only allowed to land Hemisphere Dancer, his...
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    I wouldn't want to fly it any higher than he is in the picture without a ballistic chute and a seatbelt! I have my doubts about it's autorotation capability. (cough cough) :roll:
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    New member, curious about L'il Breezy

    Joe, I,m not sure if you know this, but the Breezy which often uses a Cub wing and engine, is an entirely different plane than the "Li'l Breezy" that BigRed is asking about. The second one is closer to an ultralight, while the Breezy is a full size experimental.
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    Estate sale, was: New guy here! I need some info

    Re: New guy here! I need some info on experimental and home made aircraft. All I get is a notice saying the pictures have been deleted. What happened?
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    Plastifix....Has anyone ever used this product?

    Are you sure the wing tips are plastic? The wingtips and nose of the Tomahawk are fiberglass.
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    Plastifix....Has anyone ever used this product?

    Yes, I've used it quite a bit. The hard plastic interior panels of my buddy's Tomahawk were all cracked or broken. I repaired all of them with Plastifix and then repainted all the panels and reinstalled them. Three years later the interior still looks very good in the plane. It was a LOT...
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    Current Flying Cri Cri's in the USA?!?!?!

    There is a gentleman flying a cri cri out of Doylestown Pa. I met him at two fly-ins so far and have pictures of his plane. He owns two more uncompleted kits that he keeps for spare parts since he actively flys his cri cri and is concerned about parts availability. He trailers his cri cri to the...
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    How old are you?

    I was born in 1950 and I'm 29. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Can't remember a time I wasn't fascinated with airplanes. Grew up watching Sky King and Whirlybirds. I absolutely LOVED the Bell 47G with the bubble! A few years later I and my brother were at the local airport watching the...
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    Airplane will not spin?

    As a Challenger builder, I read the Challenger forum regularly. According to the forum's gurus, with over 4000 Challengers sold so far, no one's been able to spin on yet. Reportedly the plane will do about one quarter of a turn and fly itself out of the spin.
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    what's your desktop picture?

    I have a program called Automatic Wallpaper Changer. It cycles my WP through the hundreds of aircraft pics i have saved off the net.
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    Flat Turn ??

    Yep! Something like that! Kyle is a great pilot!!
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    2 Cycle Sled Engine for Ultralight

    That picture is of a Challenger Airplane. There are 4000 of those flying with that drive. Soon mine will make it 4001.:) Those drives have proven VERY reliable with belts typically lasting 200 hours or more...If you stick to Gates brand belts. Other brands have proven far less reliable. Don't...
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    Flat Turn ??

    Craziest thing I ever saw at an airshow was Leo Loudenslager doing a 360 degree left turn just above the treetops in a Cub.....while banked about 20 degrees to the RIGHT !! ...and the announcer is saying "Airplanes can't do that!!!" It happened at the Sussex Airshow about 20 years ago. He was...
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    Super Breezy

    I consider myself fortunate since I've gotten to ride in (or ON) two Breezys over the years. The first was owned by a gentleman named Jan Mock back in the 80s at Sussex Airport. The second, more recently, at Central Jersey airport is owned by a member of the flying club I belong to. It is a...
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    Coolest airport you've ever been too...

    One of my favorites is Sunbury Pa, 71N. It's a grass strip on an island in the river. Two blocks from the end of the runway, in the little village on the island, is a nice burger and ice cream place. Nice! Another favorite is Butter Valley Pa. This small strip is in the middle of a golf course...
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    Suspicious Message

    Hi Jake. I received a suspicious private message this morning from someone posting under the name "Eternity". The message had a link attached which I did NOT click on. I've deleted the private message but you probably still have ways to access it. You may want to check on this. Thanks for...
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    When did Kutztown airport close?

    Kutztown closed last year. Apparently the guy who owns the restaurant at the end of the runway also owned the airport. I'm told he decided to turn it into a housing developement. (What else!)
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    Flying Car

    The manufacturer had that thing at Oshkosh last year. Interesting. Up close it looked like a fairly rugged and substantial off road dune buggy. No flying demonstration that I saw though.
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    EADS builds all-electric Cri Cri

    Joe, this Cri-Cri is based near me. The gentleman in the striped shirt, third from the right, is the owner and pilot. He flew it 80 miles to the fly-in where I took this picture. The Cri-Cri is indeed a manned plane. Several hundred flying worldwide, most in Europe and Australia/New Zealand.
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    Is it a Lightning?

    Ah ha! "Arion" not Orion. No wonder I couldn't find any info. Thanks! It was a beautiful plane and the owner wasn't around.