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  1. nestofdragons

    My old drafts for inspiration / Flying Wings

    I added a page in my website. I might trigger the creative minds. It are old to very old drafts of me. To see the page go to Draftbook / Flying wings - Nest of Dragons Here a few previews. Some are using controlsurfaces like the Mitchellwing U2.
  2. nestofdragons

    Inspiration draft in Flying Flea style

    Maybe they tricker some ideas in the creative minds. This page gathers a collection of some of my old drafts. All are Flying Flea tandemwings. Link to page is Draftbook / Flying Flea - Nest of Dragons Here a few previews. A square is 20 x 20 cm. First and second drawing have wingtiprudders...
  3. nestofdragons

    FLYING WINGS / Tractor VS pusher / Marko's vision

    Hello, i just want to share why i once changed my own project from Pusher to Tractor. The reason was this reasoning of Marko Stamenovic, a rising star in flying wing world in my point of view (just ask Albion Bowers to say i am right) Moving engine to tractor position -> Engine mass is at...
  4. nestofdragons

    Honeycomb structures. How to do it?

    Hallo, i am trying to find as much as possible info about this building technique. It kind of sounds like building a airplane LEGO-style if the parts are CNC-cut. But ... i guess there is more to it. I am trying to collect as much info as possible about it. The good stuff and the mistakes...
  5. nestofdragons

    Drumbrakes or Disk brakes on LSA with free rotating frontwheel??

    Hallo, yesterday i heard about the difficult usage of drumbrakes on light airplanes. Mine will become a single seater of about 175 kg (385 lbs). 175 km/h (108 mph) cruise speed. It will have a free rotating front wheel. So ...good braking will be important while taxying. My question: are...
  6. nestofdragons

    Squeezing fabric for rear part wing between C-spar and D-tube skin

    Guys, we are working on a new design and we were wondering if any had experiences with placing fabric between two alu plate parts. We want to place the fabric, that covers the rear part of the wing, between a C-shaped spar and the D-tube cover in alu plate. The C-spar is oriented with the...
  7. nestofdragons

    WUFI, a worldwide event to promote light aviation.

    I guess the video says enough. if you need more info, go see the WUFI section at http://www.nestofdragons.net
  8. nestofdragons

    A very clever trailer. It sure will inspire me.

    Last sunday i saw this one. I returned to its owner and i had to video tape it while being used. I hope you are as amazed by its simplicity in use as i am. This design is clever! The designer is named Hugo Ingels and he flies from EBHN. The ULM on top is a Storch.
  9. nestofdragons

    How to fly Europe to Oshkosh?

    Has anybody already done this trip? Or where can i find info about people who did this trip already? I might want to prepare me for next year or the year after to make this trip in a homebuilt airplane. Its range is max 1000km. How can i make a safe journey towards Oshkosh?
  10. nestofdragons

    Flying Flea HM293 English plans now also online.

    Another reason to be proud. Had permission to place these bundle plans on my website too. They are free to download, but ...not freeware !! Respect the rules! This time it is the HM293. A plan by Rodolphe Grunberg. Translated by Paul Pontois. The HM293 was inspired by the HM290 of Henri Mignet...
  11. nestofdragons

    Why is Fantasy of Flight not having a Flying Flea??

    I visited Fantasy of Flight three times. Each time i visited Florida. I am amaaaazed by their collection. Kermit Weeks said he wanted to collect airplane that were created before his date of birth (1953). Sometimes he lets his team built a flying replica. Now ...the HM14 dated from 1936 (the...
  12. nestofdragons

    Flying Flea Mignet HM360/380 plans are online ...for free!

    I am deeply proud to announce i got permission to place the English plans of the wooden Flying Flea HM360 (single seater)/HM380 (two seater). You can find the plans here: flying flea - Nest of Dragons Go see "English Mignet plans fro free". The rest of that part of my site is about explaining...
  13. nestofdragons

    Will the following years become the flying wing years ???

    The last years i have seen soooo much activity in research about flying wings. NASA published a great paper where they proof the PROVERSE YAW (yep, the opposite of adverse yaw) of the flying wings with bell shaped lift distribution. Me happy. Also i know of several flying wing projects going on...
  14. nestofdragons

    Flying Fleas are more than just 2 axis. No problems with crosswinds!

    Let me explain. Most people know Flying Fleas as very bizarre airplanes that have a funny way of being steered. True! But ...that design was made to get Henri Mignet, who considered himself as a bad pilot in normal airplanes, airborne in a safe way. I will not tell here more about that , you can...
  15. nestofdragons

    Koen, a new "not-so-normal" member arrived

    Hallo, i am from Belgium (Europe), but i have been following aviation for several decades now. Last decade was one of experiments. Experimenting what type of aviation i like and trying to understand why some experimental airplanes were so ...weird. I tried to place all my findings in my website...