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  1. fixnflyr

    A&P Mechanic needed in Savannah GA., Great pay plus free use of our airplanes.

    We need two more A&P mechanics in Savannah at Savannah Aviation. We are growing fast since we bought it a year ago. We are a full service aircraft maintenance shop and Cessna/Beech service center. We opened the flight school back up in March 2019 and we have 7 instructors and 10 airplanes for...
  2. fixnflyr

    300 HP Airframe Needed.

    Hello All, I am looking to buy an Experimental air-frame minus the engine and prop. I would like to find one that has previously flown and needs an engine and prop Or very close to completion. I have a complete Aerostar 600 that I am parting out. I will consider most anything except one off...
  3. fixnflyr

    Wing spar sizing design

    Is there a program (freeware calculator) or other simple means used to calculate the loads and sizing of a light aircraft "C" channel spar design, either wing or tail? To be applied to a Cassutt sized airplane used for Racing. Thanks, Fixnflyr
  4. fixnflyr

    Wanted Need CONTINENTAL O-200 accessory case p/n 627307A10 OR 653679A5

    Need CONTINENTAL O-200 accessory case p/n 627307A10 OR 653679A5 for Reno Cassutt racer. Also interested in other O-200 parts. Please contact me if you know of any. Thank you, Swaid
  5. fixnflyr

    For Sale Volmer VJ-22 Project

    $2000. Selling for less than materials. Most woodwork done. Very complete project. See on barnstormers. Swaid
  6. fixnflyr

    For Sale Volmer VJ-22 Amphibian kit, $3600

    Volmer VJ-22 Amphibian kit for sale. Woodwork 90% completed. Good project. See barnstormers for more details. $3600 Thanks, Swaid Rahn
  7. fixnflyr

    For Sale Mustang II Kit for sale, $4500

    Mustang II kit for sale, 90% completed. $4500. See pics and details on barnstormers. Thanks Swaid Rahn
  8. fixnflyr

    Wanted looking for 2 piece venturi for MA3

    Looking for a 2 piece venturi for the MA-3SPA carburetor. A while back there was an AD to replace all the 2 piece venturis with a 1 piece venture and receive a credit for turning in the old 2 piece. I need one for my Cassutt I race at Reno, "HEAT STROKE" Race #8. Thanks, Swaid
  9. fixnflyr

    For Sale Mustang II project on gear

    Mustang II project on gear. Wings completed and previously flown. Controls 90% done. Canopy frame, no canopy. Has wheels and tires. No engine or cowling. Contact me for more info and pictures. $6000 Thanks, Swaid
  10. fixnflyr

    For Sale Glasair upper cowling for sale

    I have a Glasair upper cowling that came with another project. I think it is from a I or II but I can't be sure. I can email pictures and also get the dimensions if needed. It has light repairable damage. I will sell it real cheap. I want it to go to good use on an aircraft. Not crazy about...
  11. fixnflyr

    For Sale Cassutt Sport Racer

    1979 Cassutt Sport Racer aircraft. 109 hours total time. 109 SMOH. Continental O-200, Pacesetter propeller. All paperwork complete. Good workmanship and construction. Needs fabric TLC. Can be seen on Barnstormers. Call Swaid Rahn. 912-six 5 five- 0966 for more info. $9000.00.
  12. fixnflyr

    Trade Comanche 250 for flying experimental of equal value

    Will trade for flying experimental of equal value. Comanche is valued at $54000. See ad of Barnstormers for pics and details or give m a call at 912-six five five-096 six. Serious offers please. We are located near Savannah, Ga. Thanks, Swaid Rahn
  13. fixnflyr

    Cutting and fitting table for 4130 steel tubing and parts

    Here is a little tool project I just finished. It has a box behind the cold saw to catch the chips and a catch pan on the bottom that the chips fall in. I also have the sander exhaust tube going in the catch pan also. Looking forward to an engine mount I am going to build for a Lancair 4 turbine...
  14. fixnflyr

    For Sale Air Bike.

    Listed on the other usual sale and auction sites. Asking $8500. Brand new with "N" and airworthiness certificate. Flying off Phase 1 flight testing time now. My contact info is listed on my other ads. Thanks, Fixnflyr
  15. fixnflyr

    For Sale Air-Bike Experimental for sale

    Hi All, I put my air-bike up for sale on barnstormers and eBay. Please take a look. Thanks, fixnflyr
  16. fixnflyr


    Has anyone ordered this CD from ebay and is it worth the $7.50 they are asking? What is actually on it and is it available elsewhere as shareware for free? It says it has a "trust" calculator. is that misspelled for a reason or is it really a truss calculator. Looking for good information...