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    how an airplane decollate technique

    A good read,Kondor! Here is another: http://www.av8n.com/how/ Enjoy! CAB
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    Flying in Mexico

    Or, as Mom used to say, Look out for what you want- you just might get it! Looks like a lot of reading. CAB Bearhawk#862
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    My Pitts is now an airplane

    The Pitts looks and by all accounts is a fine plane. Mucho congrats, Wally!:ban: CAB Bearhawk#862
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    Torsional vibration

    One word- weight. CAB Bearhawk#862
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    Help on Brackets

    OK- dumb question- bear with me here. :nervous: What about your seat, pedals, stick? Maybe you have them in already? Sometimes the obvious bites us in the @$$! CAB Bearhawk#862
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    1st time project selection

    Take your time, Lynn. I took over a year to decide myself. I say join our local EAA chapter and attend some airshows. You'll get real-world first-hand info; priceless! You're in for a looooooong build, don't rush it! CAB Bearhawk#862
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    Too much information

    One thing I love about this particular Forum is that most folks here keep their flamethrowers on low.:gig: Whatever you got, hell, just throw it out there. Lord knows I've asked a buncha dumb questions! CAB Bearhawk#862
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    Kitfox Super Sport questions

    Not sure about amphib floats on a plane as light as a Kitfox- are straight floats OK ? Ilike the looks of the Just Highlander in this class.
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    HBA 2.0 Coming Soon!

    I personally liked the "old" HBA just fine, but the new version does look better. Thank you for all your efforts then and now, Jake. Annnnnnnnd..... CONGRATULATIONS on your checkride.:ban:
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    New Carbon Wing

    I look at the underside of your wing and it appears (to me) that the airflow would be directed somewhat downward at your ailerons. When the air comes around the leading edge of the ailerons and hits that flat section it looks to me like it would seperate- like a wing in stall. I wonder if that...
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    Low temp aluminum welding

    Certain types of AL canbe welded with a torch- check here: http://www.tinmantech.com/html/aluminum_gas_welding_system.php several have tried- and succeeded!:ban: CAB Bearhawk#862
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    fast helicopters

    Big problem developing fast helicopters is keeping the advancing blade tip speed under "the mach". Not even the mighty U.S. miitary could get a chopper to go much faster then 170 kts. :wail: Much as I love wings that go round-and-round, I just cannot afford one:wail: :pout: . CAB Bearhawk#862
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    Building Choices

    A trend I see more and more of is the plans/kit (P/K) approach. Buy the plans and then any kits or components you wish!:D Company goes broke- so what- I can make the parts!:ban: The BD-4 and Bearhawk have both been mentioned several times in this thread; both are P/K planes. CAB Bearhawk#862
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    New Carbon Wing

    What airfoil are you using for your ailerons? The bottom looks too flat to me. I would also move the hinge point back a little. Mass balancing has also cured flutter- if you can afford the weight. OK- enough criticism from someone who really has no clue what he's talking about!! CAB Bearhawk...
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    first time homebuilt recommendations

    If ya got da money........... The Glastar Sportsman is for you!:D http://www.glasairaviation.com/kitcontentsportsman.html Seriosly, a nice yet expensive plane. CAB Bearhawk#862
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    Not THAT question AGAIN!

    I feel your pain, Bro. I'm no expert; but, like you I plan to build a rag-n-toob-fuse-tin-wing plane. I will order my torch from the tinman and stress relieve the joints. Simple, cheeep, eezy, proven. :D hope this helps. CAB Bearhawk#862
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    biplane stalls

    The info I got was from Bud Davisson. According to him, Pitts has a patent on the design I mentioned where the wings are different airfoils set at the same angle of incedence. Steen (according to BD) ignored the patent and used the same trick. Big issue for the Pitts purists. Don't the Pitts...
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    biplane stalls

    Just thought I'd toss a fly in the ointment- the Pitts and Steen designs use different airfoil sections set at the same alpha to achieve the same effect!:p: CAB Bearhawk#862
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    F6F Hellcat???

    I'll save Bill the trouble- check out his website : http://www.oriontechnologies.net/ CAB Bearhawk#862
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    Runway Options?

    Build a Bearhawk and land it anywhere!:gig: Sorry, couldn't resist. CAB Bearhawk#862