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  1. Lee Schaumberg

    Gonna buy me a Mercury!

    Hello All Mercury builds and sells a spark ignited,fuel injected,no. 1 heavy fuel burning, outboard. The engine is 3 litres, 185 hp at 4850 rpm. Yes it is 2 cycle. Starting on Jan 2010 the Navy can't carry gasoline on thier ships. I have a Yahoo group showing the details. So look for...
  2. Lee Schaumberg

    Non Gasoline Spark Ignited

    Thanks for The coments First of all no taxable gasoline is used! The biggest diferance between jet fuel and no.1 heating oil is filtering and water removall. The valves and cam shaft last for ever. It's a two stroke! The oil never needs to be changed and it uses less oil than a...
  3. Lee Schaumberg

    Non Gasoline Spark Ignited

    Hello Mercury Marine builds an outboard (175 hp) that uses no. 1 diesel fuel. The optimax JP. It is designed to run all day at WOT. See my Yahoo group about this engine. Lee
  4. Lee Schaumberg

    Reliable Ignition System

    Briggs got away from points in the mid 90s. The reason being too expensive for points.
  5. Lee Schaumberg

    Hello Jman The reason for lost posts has been found. Changing the type style makes the...

    Hello Jman The reason for lost posts has been found. Changing the type style makes the board loose it. So I never (anymore) change the type style. Simple fix but it works. I use a dial up connection to the net. Just thought you'd like to know. Lee
  6. Lee Schaumberg

    Will that Engine Work?

    Hello everyone[/ATTACH] The corvair engine man has a very good method to test an engine that you want to run on your plane. It is called a dyno which is indeed a dyno. Just take a small trailer and modify to test and store your engine. It can be hooked up to your vehicle via the trailer hitch...
  7. Lee Schaumberg

    Reliable Ignition System

    Thanks for Replying Yes the Australians make the only piston aircraft engine with a pointless, batteryless, and all electronic dual ignition system in the world. Maybe the folks from Conti and Lyco should go there and learn. Then they will realize FADEC means fun and dumb engine control.
  8. Lee Schaumberg

    Wanted to Buy Jabiru 3300

    Another message gone Jabiru 3300 at valve overhaul or at or near major overhaul. Please send me a private message.
  9. Lee Schaumberg

    Engine Manual To Read

    Hello The post before disappeared again. Doc #JEM3304-5 is a 111 page engine manual that can be gotten from www.jabiru.net.au/ .
  10. Lee Schaumberg

    Don't Dry Start your Engine

    Jman you are correct I just wrote a reply now and it went away again. The automotive suppliers do not make a unit that you would want to put on your airplane!
  11. Lee Schaumberg

    Don't Dry Start your Engine

    Hello This is a reply to some one that lied! When the storage container uses 2 qts to fill and you are down 3 qts that means the engine will be down a total of 5 qts before you prelube. If there is a system to prelube an aircraft (homebuilt) to buy tell us where and how much! When you...
  12. Lee Schaumberg

    Don't Dry Start your Engine

    Hello Mike Keep your mower some place warm. You're right the cost of the prelube could be more than the cost of your mower.
  13. Lee Schaumberg

    Ronout C90 or O200

    Hello Wanted to buy a run out C90 or O200 without accessories. Please send me a private message. Lee
  14. Lee Schaumberg

    Don't Dry Start your Engine

    Hello Engines require oil to lubricate and cool like the body uses blood to do. About 50% of the wear occurs during start up. Stationary engines have a prelube pump to use Before start up. These engines can run 20,000 hours at full load between overhauls. Starting a dry and cold engine...
  15. Lee Schaumberg

    Lifetime Cleanable Oil Filter

    Hello A lifetime cleanable oil filter is available for your engine. Reportedly it works better and is kinder to your engine. So what do people use? PS the new board looks and works great!
  16. Lee Schaumberg

    CH701 Sans Slats?

    Hello Unable to edit post #19 I will explain WHY removing the slats makes the tail lighter. As the wing chord is shortened (removal of slats) the cg moves forward and lightens the tail. Rather than removing the slats to make the tail lighter just load the plane with a more forward cg! What is...
  17. Lee Schaumberg

    Break in That New Engine!

    Hello all If more people would see what goes on in a dyno engine test cell they would be amazed. The first thing done is warming the engine up. This can take up to 20 minutes. Good air flow or water for coolant is confirmed. Leaks or problems are checked for at this time. After proper warm up...
  18. Lee Schaumberg

    Break in That New Engine!

    Hello People spend lots of time and money to build thier home built and putt around until they learn how to fly it well. The new home built can have a new or zero timed engine in it. To properly break in a new engine requires high load (70-100% power) for the FIRST 100 hours. You can give it to...
  19. Lee Schaumberg

    Emergency or Second Battery

    Hello After more reading and thinking (sorry r+12) I came up with the following - !. One Alternator with an external regulator OV & UV protection is provided 2. One main battery about 17ah 3. Small second battery about 7 ah sealed and drip proof to mount in cockpit 4. Carefully designed main...
  20. Lee Schaumberg

    Emergency or Second Battery

    Hello and thanks to rpellicciotti and waiter It seems waiter has an aux battery in there. By the way I have an original set of LongEz plans that I bought in time. I used to fly new Cessnas back and visit with that one guy that worked for BD. Rpelliccitti - Never did I have a battery or...