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    Trying to find a one off airplane again

    I remember reading a website that had a very good history of two homebuilt one off airplanes, and some other good information. The first airplane was a pusher with a tail under the prop configuration. The second was a twin boom pusher that I believe was built by the same guy. Those two airplanes...
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    Should I buy "Theory of wing sections?"

    I am wondering if I should I buy the book "Theory of wing sections," by Ira. H. Abbott. I have both of Daniel Raymer's books "Aircraft Design a Conceptual Approach," and "Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders." I also have "GA Airfoils" by Harry Riblett, and I am about to order both of...
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    Flying above 41,000 feet (USA)

    Has anyone tried to get clearance for flying higher than 41,000 feet since the reduced flight level separation went into effect? I know you need fancy equipment to fly inside of it, but I am wondering about flying above it. Do you guys think we will ever be able to self certify for flying...
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    Car pooling to Oshkosh

    Three of us from www.canardaviationforum.dmt.net are car pooling from Saint Paul to Oshkosh. We have room for one more if anyone is interested. We leave Tuesday morning at about 5:00 AM. You can call me if you need to at 763 497-3844
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    Home built wind mills

    I belong to another forum www.otherpower.com where people make home made wind mills among other things. Right now there is a discussion on how to build wind mill blades out of foam and fiber glass and they need some help understanding fiberglass construction and strength. Is it alright to post...
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    Virgin Boss In Space Tourism Bid

    Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has signed a £14m agreement which will see his company take passengers into space. The British entrepreneur is having five "spaceliners" built in the U. S. by the team behind the SpaceShipOne vehicle. The California-based rocket plane became the first...
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    cooling liquid engines with wet wings

    Why don't people with liquid cooled engines and wet metal wings use the fuel in the wings to cool the engine? I imagine it would really cut down on cowl cooling drag, and allow more ground running. I got the idea from http://www.deltahawkengines.com/ FAQ section. They said you would only need...
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    ground speed vs altitude

    How do I figure out TAS, true air speed? Is true air speed is the same as ground speed? After reading Dust's plans for high flying I am wondering if it is worth it for me to cruise at a higher altitude when I am flying half way across the country. I am wondering what kinds of ground speed...
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    Using a peltier to generate electricity

    Today I was thinking about turbo chargers and using the waste heat that engines make, then I got an idea. Why not use the engine or exhaust heat to generate electricity? For anyone that does not know, a peltier is a solid state electric device that can generate electricity when heat flows...
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    F1 Rocket

    http://www.teamrocketaircraft.com/ main web site. http://www.teamrocketaircraft.com/spec/index.html specifications I was wondering if anyone has heard anything good or bad about this kit. I did a search, but no one has even mentioned it. I have seen a few builders sites, and they look good...
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    Aluminum gear legs

    I was wondering how long does aluminum landing gear usually last? Can they be used on grass strips and pavement, even when loaded to gross weight? Most importantly, what happens when they fail? Do they begin to sag like normal springs, or will they snap like a paper clip? It looks like they...
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    Mustang-II VS RV-7

    What are the differences between the Mustang-II and Van's RV-7? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the two kits? Thank you for your help.
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    What license do I need?

    What licenses or certificates do I need to fly cross country, solo, or with a passenger (non-paying friend or family), at night, to land on grass, to use small controlled or uncontrolled airports, experimental, normal certified aircraft, and with a tail wheeled airplane? Does "Private Pilot"...
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    convert lycoming to run on 93 octane

    I was wondering if it is possible to modify a Lycoming 0-360 non turbo engine to run on premium car gas. I Imagine that I would have to lower the compression and retard the timing a bit. Do you get a discount for having large quantities of LL100 delivered to your house like you can with car...
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    grass runway length

    Hello everyone, new guy here. I am a 21 year old computer programmer. I ride and drive many on and off road vehicles. I have always wanted to fly, but thought an airplane would cost hundreds of thousands. After looking at what kits cost I am hooked. I am planning on building a RV-8. I am also...