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  1. rpellicciotti

    Prowler Aviation Jaguar

    I have taken on a new project (actually, 2). I purchased the prototype Prowler Aviaton Jaguar which had been damaged in an off-airport landing. I also purchased a partially built Prowler Jaguar Kit (kit #13). While Prowler Aviation has been out of business since the mid 90's, a couple of fellows...
  2. rpellicciotti

    Canard Fly-in, Rough River 2008

    Just back from the annual canard flyin at Rough River. A good time was had by all and the weather was great except for everyone trying to come from the east coast. I have put up some pictures on my web site: http://www.rocket-boys.com/shows/Rough_River_2008/default.htm
  3. rpellicciotti

    V8 Powered aircraft comeback?

    It appears that a couple of guys are resurrecting the Prowler Jaguar. This is one of my favorite airplanes of all time. I wish them success. http://www.prowleraviation.com
  4. rpellicciotti

    Hello from Memphis

    I just signed on to this forum. Very nice. I live in a suburb of Memphis, Tn. I own a Waco YMF-5 and I operate a biplane ride operation here in Memphis. I have built 6 homebuilt aircraft and I have done first flights on those plus 3 or 4 others. Presently, I am doing the Phase 1 flight test...
  5. rpellicciotti

    Beachner V8 Special

    Anyone remember this airplane? Chris Beachner built it in the 80's. He flew it almost 1000 hours. Proves it can be done.