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  1. Lee Schaumberg

    Non Gasoline Spark Ignited

    Hello Mercury Marine builds an outboard (175 hp) that uses no. 1 diesel fuel. The optimax JP. It is designed to run all day at WOT. See my Yahoo group about this engine. Lee
  2. Lee Schaumberg

    Wanted to Buy Jabiru 3300

    Another message gone Jabiru 3300 at valve overhaul or at or near major overhaul. Please send me a private message.
  3. Lee Schaumberg

    Engine Manual To Read

    Hello The post before disappeared again. Doc #JEM3304-5 is a 111 page engine manual that can be gotten from www.jabiru.net.au/ .
  4. Lee Schaumberg

    Ronout C90 or O200

    Hello Wanted to buy a run out C90 or O200 without accessories. Please send me a private message. Lee
  5. Lee Schaumberg

    Don't Dry Start your Engine

    Hello Engines require oil to lubricate and cool like the body uses blood to do. About 50% of the wear occurs during start up. Stationary engines have a prelube pump to use Before start up. These engines can run 20,000 hours at full load between overhauls. Starting a dry and cold engine...
  6. Lee Schaumberg

    Lifetime Cleanable Oil Filter

    Hello A lifetime cleanable oil filter is available for your engine. Reportedly it works better and is kinder to your engine. So what do people use? PS the new board looks and works great!
  7. Lee Schaumberg

    Break in That New Engine!

    Hello People spend lots of time and money to build thier home built and putt around until they learn how to fly it well. The new home built can have a new or zero timed engine in it. To properly break in a new engine requires high load (70-100% power) for the FIRST 100 hours. You can give it to...
  8. Lee Schaumberg

    Emergency or Second Battery

    Hello The internal mounted battery will keep an EFI alive for up to 2 hours but everything else goes black. Wanting to communicate, have tranponder output, and lights require more power. If the battery cable falls off or the alternator fails your lost! A spill and leakproff motorcycle...
  9. Lee Schaumberg

    Ethanol In Auto Gasoline

    Hello Else where on this board it was said some gasoline in the USA does not have ethanol in it. The time was taken to print a copy of an artcle entitled "US Republicans break with Bush on ethonal". This article was posted by GasMan on September 4, 2008. It was reported by Reuters dated 1...
  10. Lee Schaumberg

    Will that Engine Work?

    Hello To TEST an engine is very easy! Just use a pick up to mount the engine in tractor or pusher configuration. Mont a reduction unit and proppeller on it and protect the foolish people with a full prop shielding screen. Add a horn and light to use when people come close. With this set up...
  11. Lee Schaumberg

    Auto Electronics Eliminator

    Hello Car engines can not safely power airplanes as designed. Imagine the mixture or timing changing as you turn final! Home built aircraft don't need to reduce the NOX. But they must continue running or you bend up your bird and hurt your butt or worse yet croak off. So many folks talk about so...
  12. Lee Schaumberg

    Personal Plane

    Hello Not wanting to bore folks from the rest of the world one of the upcoming canidates has his own airplane. It is a lsa 757 Boeing. Because of patriotism the flag was removed from the tail and a personal symbol replaced it. I wonder if the flight crew is 4 or more. Fuel and insurance must...
  13. Lee Schaumberg

    Changing oil and What to Use

    Hello The human body and plane engines have a lot in common. Both require a fluid to lubricate , cool , and clean. In the body blood lubricate the organs. With perspireing it cools the body. With the kidneys it takes the dirt out. In an engine the oil lubricates. With the cooler the oil cools...
  14. Lee Schaumberg

    500 ft lbs of Torque

    Hello 500 ft lbs of torque at 4000 RPM = 380.8 hp. 500 ft lbs at 2000 = 190.4 hp. Torque times speed divided by 5252 = horsepower. These numbers are then corrected to 29.92 inches of mercury and 59.5 deg far at 0% humidity. This is why some automobile engines have PSRU's . Building a good PSRU...
  15. Lee Schaumberg

    Automotive Spark plugs

    Hello Many fly with automotive spark plugs. The problem is knowing what heat range to use to prevent any chance of engine damage. The champion plugs for the engine are the proper heat range but what is it? 17.00 versus 3.00 dollars a plug is a good reason to change. Using the proper coil to...
  16. Lee Schaumberg

    Good Plug Wires

    Hello Many pilots are putting on some thing differant than the original magneto that the engine came with. While this is good they use spark plug wires that are not as good as the standard wires. The standard wires are fine for about 2000 hours. Then they should be thrown away. I know this means...
  17. Lee Schaumberg

    Reliable Ignition System

    Hello On a continental O200 or IO240 two mags are used. Not wanting to bolt two mags on what are the possibilites for an alternative? Some thing all solid state with out points. The automotive industrys now use up to date systems. The subaru is a flat four so the firing would be...
  18. Lee Schaumberg

    Wanted to Buy Plans for an Osprey 2

    Wanted to Buy - Plans complete for the Osprey 2 You can use this board to get a hold of me
  19. Lee Schaumberg

    New 100hp Amphibian Seaplane Homebuilt

    To all good desingers out there What is needed is PLANS for a homebuilt , 2 place, 100 hp, amphibian seaplane some thing like the original Lake. Power should come from the geared and water cooled rotax or the 0-200 continental. Many people want to use some thing else because they have one. The...
  20. Lee Schaumberg

    Pilot Humor

    This info is for the Big Cahunna. Life is usally a pain in the axx. What we need is a section devoted entirely to humor. It could be called ( Pilot Humor ) . This way any body could tell thier funny story and be happy!:ban: