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    Oshkosh 2012: Who is attending?

    I will be camping with a few friends Saturday (tomorrow) to the following Sunday or Monday. We will be located on the 15th street between the side exit and the showers. We have room for tents or campers for anyone who wants to join us. My phone number s 1-612-481-8499 if anyone wants to call or...
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    I will be there Saturday to the following Sunday evening.
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    Pilot with no arms

    I remember seeing her at Oshkosh this year. She drew a pretty large crowd at Aeroshell Square when they where talking about her achievements and interviewing her.
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    homebuilt information??

    The number of seats, cruise speed, price. After those three, then what you already listed as well as fuel burn at a certian cruise speed, as well as rough field capabilities.
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    Need to find lightweight hydraulic cylinders for retracts

    I think www.infinityaerospace.com does custom hydraulic parts. Maybe some of their existing stuff would work. Maybe the "low riders" use equipment that might work?
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    U/L Biplane

    I wish I had more of a comment to add, but I just had to say congratulations!
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    Direct Drive

    Nice biplane. Are you going to completely take your current ultralight apart, or just remove the engine and prop?
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    Beginner Questions...

    If you do a search you can find a few threads with book reviews on this website. Some people also use Airplane PDQ and Design Foil for help with the math and airfoils.
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    Boeing 787 - Metal Thinking in Composites

    www.compositesworld.com featured a buisness airplane built the same way. At the time I thought it was the dumbest idea ever, but I guess Orion makes some good points. I think there are some pictures of the barrel sections of the new Boeing birds on their website some where. If you do not...
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    RV 4 Lite

    I think configuring the engine to have some kind of speed limiter would be better than adding drag. What about setting it up for running LOP (better fuel economy and a bit less power) with electronic spark advance with a built in rev limiter that would activate at higher air speeds? That would...
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    Free Plans??

    Aerocanard also had plans that where availiable, but the templetes where not. If you want I can send you a copy.
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    How do I learn more about 2 strokes?

    I know there are books and videos about rebuilding rotax motors, as well as many other books and videos about other two strokes. My favorite reference for two strokes is the www.snowest.com forums.
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    Trying to find a one off airplane again

    Thank you so much. I have been looking for them for months!
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    Trying to find a one off airplane again

    I think it was a two place. I am not sure about large or not. If I recall there was a web site that had a list of many airplanes and the web link was on that list. I have checked every website with lists that I could find, but I have not found it yet.
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    Trying to find a one off airplane again

    It wasn't that. It was conventional not a canard. If I recall it looked almost like a high end sail plane as far as build quality and over all shape went, but maybe my memory is getting fuzzy. It was not a kit, and the website had some information on it that I think may be useful. The guy...
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    Trying to find a one off airplane again

    I remember reading a website that had a very good history of two homebuilt one off airplanes, and some other good information. The first airplane was a pusher with a tail under the prop configuration. The second was a twin boom pusher that I believe was built by the same guy. Those two airplanes...
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    AirVenture 2006

    I should be there too. Where do you work Othman? Edit: I will be driving from Minnesota, I am willing to pick people up and carpool.
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    What are your thoughts on Nidacore?

    Orion: Why does the price go up so much for S-glass or graphite? Their price increases seem to be out of line with the base material price difference.
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    Is it wide enough yet?

    rv6ejguy's website is here www.sdsefi.com/rv4.htm He has lots of experience running a high performance car shop and making engine managment systems. There is a detailed build up of his engine on his website. He uses the Marcotte Redrive and details his thoughts on it here...
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    Inverted landing gear question

    Did someone hack your account or post at your computer when you left for a minute? :D If it really is you, maybe you could mount a monowheel to your roll bar?