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    SOLO Aircraft Engines

    http://aircraft.solo-online.com/index.php Some time ago I put a comment about Solo Aircraft Engines I had just found out. I was interested to put these engines on ultralight aircrafts (european ultralight). These Solo engines are NOT related to the "old" two stroke single cilynder Solo that you...
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    New record attempt

    Some time ago there was a thread on this forum (I am no more able to find it-it looks like it is no more available-) talking about a new fast light aircraft. Now the designer is going to set a new record. http://www.sea-avio.com/ Nice to see this news because is one of the few good news coming...
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    Batteries are "cool", electricity used in mobility seems it is becoming the panacea of all our problems. But when it comes to an everyday use it happens that a lot of "new" problems arise. Why? It is not so easy to have a good substitute for the heavily criticized oil. More than a century of...
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    Automatic mechanical propeller (Aeromatic)

    I will try to make a short summary about the thread (at least I will make less errors; I hope...;) ) I fly (have flown) always light aircrafts (european ultralight- similar to american LSA, just a bit lighter-); I have always been attracted by the variable pitch propellers; never used because of...
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    Small engines - new

    Hello to everyone. This is the first thread I open in this forum and I hope this will be helpfull. Sorry for my language, but I am not anglosaxon. Well, and now my problem: I made a search, but the most interesting thread about small engines dates about 10 years ago. There were lot of...