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  1. Mcmark

    Aero injector

    Guys and Gals, Are any of you running an Aero injector on an A65-75 Continental? Pros-Cons? I won't have a fuel pump, so is it necessary to have a regulator? What adapters will I need from Aeroconversions? Thanks Mark
  2. Mcmark

    Biplane aerodynamics

    Back with some different questions. If both wings are the same airfoil, shape and AOI and I want the top wing to stall first, upright and inverted, how can I accomplish this? Will stall strips do it ? Or do I need to vary the airfoil to do it? Thanks Mark
  3. Mcmark

    Biplanes, wings to fuse calcs?

    Guys, I'm trying to blend airplanes. Mount a set of wings from one airplane to another. How do I calculate this? The top wing that I want to install is swept 6* and the spars are 2" farther aft in the wing. I've used the calculators on the net but from my searches they aren't to be trusted...