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    For Sale Breezy

    Thinking of selling or parting out my Breezy ... just doesn't get flown enough. 8.5 years of evenings and weekends and other life stuff getting in the way during that time. TIG welded frame and parts. High tail as seen in pictures along with larger (more area) tail feathers w/ dual wires...
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    For Sale HKS-700e

    HKS-700e --- Ser.#100757-GB2.58:1-oil tank-oil cooler-two exhaust systems (Type 1 & Type 4)-stored properly-40-70hrs TT --- didn't have hour meter on airplane --- $5200
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    For Sale Sadler Vampire SV2 fiberglass POD & more - NEW

    Sadler Vampire SV2 fiberglass POD-Canopy-driveshaft-wingtips-cooling duct parts --- all brand new --- $7800
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    Profili 2 Airfoil Database for Harry Riblett GA Airfoils

    Does anyone have the Harry Riblett GA airfols (GA30, GA35, GA37, GA40) already entered into the Profili 2 airfoils database? Would like to get a copy if possible. Thanks!
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    Wanted Sadler Vampire close to Kansas City

    Looking for someone who owns a Sadler Vampire that might be close or around the Kansas City area or one close enough to drive too. Would like to come look at one in person. Thanks for any help.
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    Rotorway Scoripon One Helicopter

    Does any one ever run across these anymore ... would like to find an unwrecked frame and fiberglass full body along with other parts for static display ... engine not necessary but blades and drive system would be nice.
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    Wanted Compact Radial Engines RZ-2 gearbox with cetrifugal clutch

    Looking for a good used or old new stock - RZ2 gearbox with clutch with 3.11 gearing - PM if you can help - Thanks
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    Compact Radial RZ-2 Gearbox

    Does anyone have a dimension drawing of the mounting/bolt layout pattern of the Compact Radial RZ-2 gearbox? I've talked with Leon twice on the phone ... he said to send him an email which I've done 4 times with no response -- guess he really doesn't want to sell gearboxes. I've been working...
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    Wanted Mustang II plans w/ folding wing option

    Looking for a set of plans with the folding wing option. PM - thanks!
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    For Sale 1987 AVID Model "B" w/ Rotax 582

    Good flying friend for over 20 years passed away last week and listing his plane for his wife. 1987 AVID Model "B" with a Rotax 582 - engine has about 25 hours since it was rebuilt. Plane last flew on June 26, 2016. Plane has always been hangar'd at 4MO4 - starting with the original...
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    BMW R1200GS - TakeOff PSRU

    I've read most of the threads but not finding all the answers ... will TakeOff sell to USA everything they offer except the engine? So, if I have a R1200GS engine can I get the PSRU, clutch, TakeOff ECU, wiring harness, second independent ignition, etc. so I can completely convert for aviation...
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    Is the company that made these engines out of business? Can't seem to get to their WEB site.
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    For Sale Misc. left over parts

    Cleaning out the shop and have a few parts that need a new home: Alternator - $100, Starter - $135 (both came off a O-320-E2D),600x6 wheels, brakes, axles & nuts - $250 for the package (came off Cessna - I believe they are Cleveland), Cessna 150 nose fork, wheel & axle - $125, Master cylinders -...
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    Shaft drive from gearbox to propeller

    I have looked at the old posi-flex drive shaft that was used on engines with pulley's and belts to drive a propeller ... but is there something off the shelf that bolts to a gearbox prop flange and goes out 15"-18" on a shaft and has a prop flange at the end that incorporates some flexing for...
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    Sadler Vampire Double Wing Fold

    Does anyone have pictures or drawings on how the wing folding mechanism worked on the Sadler Vampire LSA version. There are several pictures of the wings folded but can't see the details. Just wondering if someone was at the airshow when it was displayed and maybe took some pictures. Any...
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    For Sale Cessna 150 Nose Fork & 500x5 wheel

    I listed this on Ebay - $125.00 plus $20.00 for S&H -- if anyone is interested. I will also be listing a set of Cleveland 600x6 wheel & brakes, master cylinder and axles as soon as I take some pictures -- usable but they will need cleaned and rebuilt. Cessna 150 nose fork and wheel...
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    For Sale Lil' Bitts Biplane - For Sale

    Lil' Bitts Biplane for sale w/ Rotax 503 - $15,000.00 or $12,300.00 without engine and prop -- see Barnstormers ad for more details and check U-Tube for video's of it flying - search Lil' Bitts Aircraft flying.
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    NACA 63/3-A218 Plot file

    I need help from the experts. I have tried using Airfoil Tools and KelComp NACA Airfoils to generate a plot file for NACA 63/3-A218 - when using Airfoil tools the top surface has a bump/flat area generated. Am i doing something wrong ... the Airfoil Tools allows you to choose 63(3)-218 but...
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    Symmetrical Wing vs. Flat bottom wing

    The Sadler Vampire used a 63/3-A218 symmetrical airfoil with a 50" chord ... my question would be why a symmetrical instead of a standard flat bottom airfoil like used on the Airbike (50" chord) or Legal Eagle. Looking a pictures of all the different Sadler Airplanes looks like he continued to...
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    Wanted Dyke Delta JD2 Blueprints complete

    Looking for a complete set of Dyke Delta JD2 blueprints .... not looking to build a JD2 full-size but a quarter scale RC over the winter. So a used set of plans would be ok ... just in decent shape so I can scale the wings, fuselage and such. Reasonable price please.