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  1. Phenomdriver

    Ranger electrically powered?!?

    I wonder if this electric motorcycle company might have applications that could work in amateur built aircraft. https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/poweredbyzero/
  2. Phenomdriver


    The jet install is possibly easier than the piston/prop version. A huge issue is torsional resonance, which played a role in causing structure cracks during the prototype stage. Some expert help will be needed to build a soft drive with a sprag clutch. Jet Cat just came up with a P-1000 engine...
  3. Phenomdriver

    Rotax 670

    I talked to Rick for some time yesterday. He has a wealth of knowledge on the 670. Thank you all for your posts. I will probably go with a 670. It could be a great performer with a C box PRSU. Looking at just the recoil starter to keep weight down. Need to research radiators. Some info out there...
  4. Phenomdriver

    Rotax 670

    Anyone here have experience with the Rotax 670, such as reliability?
  5. Phenomdriver

    Wanted Wanted Bede bd5 kit or parts

    Mr Ashton, Being new to this forum, trying to figure out the PM thing. You can email me at simon261@comcast.net Interested in what happened to Dave Mischke’s project with the Nytro engine and failed Sprag clutch. I have a Bede 5 kit on the gear with wings ready to close, but long term...