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    Peter Stripol is at it again...

    He took gasoline paramotor off his last airplane (it doesn't want to be a tractor), built new wings (2-axis), and used an ELECTRIC paramotor powerplant. First flight was a little hairy, he added 6 feet of wing, now flies pretty OK. Wing is a hot-wired foam truss work with aluminum spars...
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    Water Injection for Industrial V-Twins

    ...has been suggested for cooling at high power levels. Have you done it? How would you do it? I have my thoughts, after researching it a bit, but I'm wonder what the GroupMind thinks.
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    US Made Redrive for industrial V-Twins

    Ace Aviation is probably well-known to readers of this forum, Lone Star Hovercraft perhaps less so. http://lonestarhovercraft.com/reduction-drives/ Roughly $200 more than their South Asian competition. I see nothing to choose from between them. Neither of them have a torsionally soft element...
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    Briggs vs Kohler and the state of the market for modifications

    Bottom Line Up Front: The Mud Motor market is 10 times the size of the Tractor Racing/Pulling market and will come to drive the modification market, and Briggs OWNS this market. Surface drives for marine propulsion have been around since the Hickman Sea Sled of 1914...
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    Working on an airplane on the ramp

    I'm thinking about buying an ALMOST flying airplane project, but when I do, it will lose the hangar it's in, and there are NO hangars to be had in the San Francisco Bay Area at a price I can afford. I anticipate needing to do a bit of fettling, on a tie-down. But it will start raining soon...
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    Building Partner sought - SF Bay Area

    I have long held the dream of building and flying my own plane, and have worked on several projects. I have a private pilot's license, a fairly well equipped shop, and skills in aluminum, steel, wood, and composites fabrication. What I do NOT have is a space big enough to build wings and...
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    Driving a Honda/Clone from the Flywheel - Honda Part to do it.

    There is a Genuine Honda part that does just that. Same 1" shaft as some of the Hondas and all of the clones I have seen described. Part 23311-Z6L-820. About $180. Add an appropriate taper lock bushing (P2x1 Split Taperlock Bushing [060P21] - $32.95 | Universal Hovercraft) a Universal...
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    There is a new V-Twin on the market - DuroMax 713cc

    Duromax has a slightly higher (Than the Honda and the Predator clones) displacement engine http://www.generatorfactoryoutlet.com/products/duromax-xp23hpe-713cc-23-hp-v-twin-engine-w-electric-start-key-switch-box $200 more than the HF Predator. Red Beard Garage is working on it...
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    Spacewalker Project in Salinas, CA - Craigslist

    http://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/avo/d/salinas-spacewalker-ii/7164852133.html Looks like all the hard work is done. Put a Corvair on the nose, slap some Oratex on it, FLY!.
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    For Sale NIce Fly Baby project on Craigslist

    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/avo/d/pleasanton-flybaby-49-complete-with/7137181574.html It's not clear where it is. The ad says Alameda, the maps indicates Livermore, and Grants Pass is also mentioned. No firewall forward. Allegedly was to have an O-360, which sounds pretty sketchy to me...
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    For Sale Thatcher CX-4 Project $8000 NE WA

    This is from Barnstormers; http://www.barnstormers.com/contact_seller.php?id=1495290 is the seller, the daughter of the last custodian. This plane has an interesting history. It was built by Scott Casler, the Hummel Engines guy, probably the pre-eminent VW Aeroengine dude in the country now...