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    Has anybody was able to conduct business with Great Plains new owner?

    I wanted to update this thread. I have a Great Plains 1915cc engine that I bought late in 2015. I assembled it in 2016 and started it for the first time 5 weeks ago. It has run great from the start and the only issue I had was that after the first engine run I was getting no voltage output from...
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    Oshkosh 2017

    An FYI for anyone interested. Thatcher CX 4 and CX 5 builders will be meeting at Homebuilt Headquarters Thursday at noon.
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    hangar window

    I have a T hangar and have thought about putting in a window on the wall opposite of the main door. However I am worried that a window would give a thief easy access, and it would be weird to have one window in a row of hangars. My thought is to use a camera and monitor to give me an "electric...
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    Mag issue

    I am having a problem with the Slick 4220 mag on my project engine. I have the mag and harness installed on my engine, but when I turn it over by hand I am not getting any spark. The impulse coupling sounds like it is operating correctly. I don't have any experience working on mags so I'm not...
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    Has anybody was able to conduct business with Great Plains new owner?

    Is this the second owner since Steve's passing? I bought my engine kit a year ago and dealt with Martin Roberts. I heard at Oshkosh this year that GPAS had been sold again.
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    Volkswagen valve train

    I was installing the valve train on my 1915cc today and ran into a situation that I am unsure of. My engine has a stock stroke crankshaft with over size bore for the larger displacement. I have used a .177 shim under the cylinders to get the correct compression ratio. I installed the push rods...
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    painting my engine

    I was thinking of a lighter color because it would help me chase down oil leaks. If I remember correctly the Continental engines in my brother's Bonanzas had gray cases, I think the heads were bare metal. Also a friend of mine painted the engine black in a project truck he had and said he would...
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    painting my engine

    I am at the point where I am ready to assemble my VW engine and I would like to paint the block and heads before assembly. The assembly manual from Great Plains says to use hammered enamel paints for this, but I would like to paint mine white. Anyone know of any reason why not to do this? Do I...
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    Tom Kay, P-51 guy, where are you?

    I have loved the T-51 since I first saw one. If I had the money I would own one. I also like people who have lots of money and spend it on cool things like airplanes. The world would be a boring place without them. :)
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    tail rotor speed

    My brother and I were at Oshkosh this year and spent a lot of time at our favorite place, the Ultralight runway. Besides small airplanes they also fly smaller helicopters there - Safari, Mosquito, etc. My brother commented on the high rpm of the tail rotor and wondered why they were spun so...
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    Who is at Oshkosh right now? What's it like?

    I am at Oskosh now, sitting by my motorhome under the flight path of the helicopters flying out of the ultralight field. Nice breeze out of the south west. Life is good. :)
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    Anyone going to airventure next week?

    I hope to make it there for the closing weekend. I'm going to Myrtle Beach for the first part of the week and plan on heading back to Ohio on Wednesday. If the stars align and I have the motorhome readyIi plan on leaving for Oshkosh on Thursday. 52 weeks in a year and my mother-in-law decides we...
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    First official piece of CX5 completed.

    Nice job, looks good. Keep this up and someday you will have an airplane.;)
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    mgl xtreme efis

    Well I made my choice and went with a Dynon D6 and will use gauges for engine info. The D6 was $1575 from Aircraft Spruce and an MGL Xtreme with the seem features would have cost $2255 without engine data. I couldn't justify the price difference and I thought that the MGL unit with engine data...
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    CX5 plans arrived yesterday......A little overwhelming........Need all encouragement.

    Re: CX5 plans arrived yesterday......A little overwhelming........Need all encouragem I remember being in your place. I had a set of plans for a Thatcher CX4 and was wondering what I had gotten myself into. Now 4 1/2 years later I have a mostly finished airframe sitting in my garage. It was...
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    The most basic question ever asked on HBA

    I used a 24" wide roll of tracing paper that I had. I cut an appropriate sized piece of paper, taped it down over the plans using small pieces of masking tape and drew the pattern. I then cut it out, taped it to the metal and traced around it to transfer the pattern.
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    how about transponders?

    I'm also going to need a transponder for my plane and new unit are a little too expensive for me, so it looks like I will be buying a used one. A number of friends have recommended that I get a King KT76A as they think it is the best bang for the buck. Any thoughts on this? What would you put in...
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    mgl xtreme efis

    Thanks for all of the replies. The Dynon Skyview is a great unit, but a bit more than I need for a daylight vfr aircraft. And it's a bit out of my budget.;)
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    mgl xtreme efis

    I am at the point in building my Thatcher CX4 that I need to put together my instrument panel. I had originally planned on using a Dynon EFIS but now am thinking of using a MGL Xtreme EFIS because it will also display engine data. I went to Sun N Fun and was disappointed that MGL wasn't there...
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    Bye Bye Kitplanes

    I almost let my subscription to Kitplanes lapse a few years ago. At the time there was almost nothing in the