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    Laser cutting aluminum questions

    I was thinking the same thing, just wondering if there was some reason to not consider this. I wasn't sure if the outside edges would be an issue or not. If it is just the holes that are at issue, then maybe this would work okay. Now, it is a question of what is more cost effective; laser...
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    Laser cutting aluminum questions

    I'm working on a tube and gusset design and starting to think about how to make the parts. Can anyone here inform me on dealing with the heat issues of laser cutting gusset parts? I've heard conflicting information depending on the aluminum alloy being used. I'm thinking of using 6061-T6...
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    Instead, just use one rc helicopter turbine engine to spin a decent size prop. I've seen free-turbine shaft drive rc helicopter engines in the low 20HP range. A 22HP engine would surely power a Thundergull, especially since the engine swap would probably knock about 20 pounds off the empty...
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    Material substitution help

    The area of inertia property for a square tube is Ixx=Iyy=1/12*(L_outer^4-L_inner^4). 2 inch 0.058 wall: 58_Ixx = 0.2879 inches^4 2 inch 0.065 wall: 65_Ixx = 0.3143 inches^4 If 65_Ixx/58_Ixx >= (the yield stress of 2024 T3)/(the yield stress of 6061 T6), then the thicker but weaker material...
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    Material substitution help

    I'm thinking that is supposed to be 0.058 wall thickness. 0.059 wall tube isn't a standard as far as I know. Maybe someone made a typo in the plans.
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    Attachment details for pre-sewn coverings, UVPT/Technora/Hydranet

    @Mavigogun - Did you see what Bushcat is doing regarding the laces and holes in the fabric? Do they just melt holes with a soldering iron in the tri-lam for the laces, or is there some form of reinforcement added to keep the tri-lam from tearing out? I can't see these details in the photos you...
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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    Taking the basic Hershey Bar wing and adding some sweep is a good concept. Why it is overlooked as an advantageous concept so much of the time is perplexing to me. Maybe too many people who should know, just don't know. This is basically the layout of the Kasper wing designs. It is a good...
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    Attachment details for pre-sewn coverings, UVPT/Technora/Hydranet

    Indeed. I think there are many of us interested in this subject. From the replies, it appears there are many more people looking for information and details than there are people who have the information to offer.
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    Lazair on Floats with Rotax 185's needs more power, Ideas?

    My ideas (from least to most expensive) are to: 1) Add a NOS kit to get more power from the engines to unstick from the water. Use it like a JATO that you can turn on and off. To me, this makes way more sense than nitro fuel. 2) Add a third engine 3) Add a couple electric motors to the...
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    99lb/45kg primary glider

    My reply to 2 and 6: My guess is that you were not defining enough washout at the wing tip, and/or had too crude and high drag of a wingtip profile. A well designed wing should outperform a crude wing with a tail to cover up the mistakes. I'd say don't give up on the 'W' shaped wing. I think...
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    Paramotor engines in tractor configuration?

    It's been a week or more at this point, and still no reply. I'm thinking MarcMotor may have closed down due to the ChiCom-19 pandemic over there in Italy. Hopefully, it is a temporary thing. The ROS100 looks like a good candidate engine for my ultralight. Anyone here have an approximate...
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    Scrappy’s Landing Gear Wings - Yay or Nay?

    To me, the gear on Scrappy is overkill. But, then I think that is kinda the point. Mike's Draco and now Scrappy, are what I would characterize as Monster Planes. These two planes are to airshows, what the Big Foot trucks back in 1984, were to the tractor pull. It isn't supposed to be...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I modified my ultralight design project, again. I increased the wing span by 2 feet and added about 5 square feet of wing area. This is just the latest in a long series of design evolution steps. The time between changes has been increasing though, so I think it may be getting close to time...
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    Paramotor engines in tractor configuration?

    I tried contacting MarcMotor regarding their ROS100 engine, both at g.marcolini@marcmotor.com and at info@marcmotor.com. So far no replies to either message. :(
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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    MLK's famous words "I have a dream": My dream started here I drew this picture a couple years ago. This shows the essence of what I think I'd like to achieve. However, this dream is very incomplete. There is a whole lot of detail that was never addressed in this drawing. Now, I would like...
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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    Interesting. I think I have seen pictures of this ultralight before, but didn't know about the landing gear situation. Does anyone know more about how this worked on the TL-1? My thinking was to have the unloaded airframe sit on the tail like most other pusher ultralights. With the...
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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    Project Bird Man will be heavy enough that pure foot-launch will not be viable. I've had an idea for a long time, that I think would go well here. Make it sort of like a rickshaw. Let large bush tires carry the bulk of the weight. Let the pilot's feet and legs be the nose wheel. This...
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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    In keeping with the discussions here, I'll call my design activities "Project Bird Man". I'm leaning toward a base model design with 2 engines. A lower cost model with engines in the 10 to 14 Hp range that will be like a standard ultralight in that it comes down when an engine quits (though...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    This Russian hover-bike made me cringe the first time I saw it fly several years ago. It seems like it is just looking for the opportunity to slice off the operator's legs. It is amazing this crash didn't turn out like a horror show scene. IMO: that guy was lucky to not be injured. Flying...
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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    What should be considered the stall speed limit for single engine ultralight operation at very low altitudes? Does "foot launched" basically mean that it flies slow enough to safely fly between 200 feet and the deck on one engine? If not, would everyone be content with @BJC's multi-engine...