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    For Sale RANS S4 S-4 Easy Project $3500 Wisconsin

    Call me in the morning. After about 830 central
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    For Sale RANS S4 S-4 Easy Project $3500 Wisconsin

    The trailer was made to store it, fits great. 2" ball. Tows super easy but i wouldn't take it on the freeway, the covering isn't made for 70mph. You could sheet it with 1/8" hardboard for higher speeds.
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    For Sale RANS S4 S-4 Easy Project $3500 Wisconsin

    NOT SOLD ---- had it on hold for a buyer from Nevada but logistics of getting it home didn't make sense - I'm in WI about 90 minutes south of Oshkosh. Also had an A&P look at it since I'm a total beginner at airplane stuff. He recommends inspecting and replacing fasteners due to oxidation from...
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    Wanted How to mark an item SOLD?

    Hmmmm, this thread that I just posted has an Edit button, but it seems to expire shortly after posting. I'm unable to edit my ad from a few days ago. Perhaps this is a settings issue in the forum itself?
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    Wanted How to mark an item SOLD?

    The guidelines for Swap Shop ask that sold items have the title edited to indicate they are sold, but I cannot locate a function that allows editing a post, either on PC or mobile. Obviously I'm missing something. Can someone help me figure this out?
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    For Sale RANS S4 S-4 Easy Project $3500 Wisconsin

    I gathered up all this stuff over the last 5 years, intending to get it airworthy and learn to fly it, but wife/kids/ job/ building some wood boats all got in the way of digging into it. Now we’ve moved to a house with a small yard and garage, don’t really have a place or time to work on it...
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    Cordless Pop Riveter Gun - M12 from Milwaukee Tools

    We use those M12 riveters in a production environment at work. They are quite durable and the guys love the ease of use compared to running air hoses to a pneumatic riveter. We use them for the little 1/8 and 3/16 rivets, they don't do as well on 1/4" stainless ones.
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    For Sale MiniMAX 1100R w/277 Rotax

    It'll be going on a little RANS S4, replacing an existing 277 that has low hours but hasn't been flown for probably 20 years. that one gets a teardown and rebuild before going in the sky. Unfortunately I've not yet had much time to dig into that little plane and get it airworthy again yet.
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    For Sale MiniMAX 1100R w/277 Rotax

    If I buy that now, my wife will kill me with fire and pointy things but I want to put in a good word for Lynn. I got a 277 and prop from him a couple years back- it was received as described and he went out of his way to get it to me safely. I'd certainly recommend doing business with him.
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    Is carbon fiber / kevlar fabric of any benefit?

    My concern with adding or substituting material is that if there's a difference in stiffness from the original spec, stress will tend to concentrate in the stiffest material. That could lead to unforeseen failures caused by concentrating rather than distributing that stress. Especially under a...
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    Brutality Today

    Narfi, I've had that same idea. A stitch and glue plane would be pretty awesome. It's such an easy way to build, and could be really light since a plane wouldn't need as thick of a skin for impact protection as a boat does. Or maybe a hybrid type of thing with an S&G fuselage and a...
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    You know you're an engineer when...

    Yep, the only thing that'll let you make more mistakes, faster, than a computer is the combination of tequila and a handgun......
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    "Micromaster"-- Centerline twin using small industrial engines

    For small mounts of contaminated gas, I usually just put it in my metal campfire pit or a metal bucket out on the driveway away from flammables, then toss a flaming ball of paper at it. Wait a few minutes. Problem solved.
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    Light Sound Deadening Material

    I used to be a dealer for this company. Cascade Audio Engineering. They make all kinds of sound deadening materials. I'd recommend giving them a call, they were always very helpful with oddball projects. http://cascadeaudio.com/
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    Members from WI??

    I'm near Milwaukee. Little Scrapper is in Mukwonago.
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    Math Questions

    Here's a rule of thumb without the math. In general, you want about 10% of the weight of a small trailer on the hitch. More won't really hurt anything, within reason. When you have problems is when the trailer is tail heavy, it's very unstable and prone to whipping around when driving.
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    For Sale Craigslist

    Saw this near Milwaukee. Lots of glider parts and spruce for $600. Can anyone identify the plane? I don't know anything about gliders.... https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/spo/d/sitka-spruce-wooden-glider/6607406454.html
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    PVC foam source (industrial)

    That stuff is not at all like Divinycell. It's foamed pvc- plastic with fine air bubbles whipped into it in production. It doesn't bond well with glues or epoxies. It's got a low enough melting/deformation temperature point that putting dark colored sintra in the sun on a hot day will distort...