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    Oil pan for O-320/360 equivalent without any air induction?

    Does anyone know a source for such a thing? I'm considering cutting off the intake portions of an IO 360 sump. Thanks.
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    You're All Trash*, Part 234,567,988 - DarkAero

    Maybe I'm being too cynical, but I'm sick of people claiming all the paradigms are just no good, and, By God, We Have Found THE Solution. https://www.facebook.com/darkaeroinc/ https://www.darkaero.com/ "the Hollow Grid helps the skin maintain its shape and prevent buckling. This approach...
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    Oil Cooler Pitot Intake Sizing

    Has anyone here sized a pitot intake for a traditional dual pass oil cooler? RV builders are frequently using 3"-4" off the engine baffles, but I'm thinking a dedicated pitot intake would be smaller. I'll be including a plenum on the face on the cooler. Baseline installation is an AirFlow...
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    Hand Calc Static Margins vs. Viscous CFD

    Has anybody here compared a hand calculated static margin to a viscous CFD solution that has a fair amount of detail in the model (landing, gear exhaust pipes, some control surface gaps)? Thanks, Flyboy2160