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  1. J

    810 Briggs Rabbit Hole - New Head Branch

    TIPI, I dontt know how to use your chart. What HP do you think that Scott's 1200 CC half VW would make? James Fuller
  2. J

    1/2 or full vw kits

    Im interested in a 1200cc engine and all that it entails. I dont know enough about engines to spec one out, but I could assemble one. What have you got? I do think that the scat heads would relieve you of a lot of machining costs. can he machine the case for the larger crankshaft that the...
  3. J

    The Ranger, an easily built high wing LSA runabout

    I have read this thread in its entirety. Fritz is a genius. I would like to build this as an ultralight. I notice that after it was named the Ranger that someone called it the Lone Ranger. I can’t resist this. If I have borrow from the bank to build it I’ll be dealing with the loan...
  4. J

    Budget Ultralight

    Hi, I suggest that you search for the discussion “The Ranger, an easily built high wing LSA runabout” started by a brilliant guy named Fritz. The title indicates an LSA plane but it could easily qualify as a ultralight in the US. It appears that it would fly well on 25 HP. It will give you...
  5. J

    LSA Weight to be 3600 Pounds soon !!!

    What qualifies as an LSA aircraft? I know that there is an approved list including J3 Cubs, Aeronca, etc. I have also seen ads for homebuilts claiming suitability as LSAs. I have ordered partial materials to begin a T100D Mariah UL. The Mariah is designed to FAA FAR Part 23 airworthiness...
  6. J

    Engine cost

    Hi, I’m the guy that started this thread, and I’m glad that I did. I’ve seen some really thoughtful and informative answers. I do however want to make the point that I did not mean to criticize Scott. He makes a fine engine. His price and service must be good as well. I was trying to figure...
  7. J

    Engine cost

    When did you live in Roswell? I was born there and lived there for the first 40 years oh my life. I still miss the weather.
  8. J

    Engine cost

    Hi, I belong to a car club along with a bunch of other retired old coots. We like to acquire older cars and rebuild back to new or customize them. Almost always put new engines in them. The current engine favorite is the Chevy 350 LS series. I currently have a 49 Plymouth, a 69 Torino...
  9. J

    T100D Mariah ultralight

    Bill, I am waiting for my plans to arrive. Due Monday. I’m thinking that it will need more than 20 HP. If is 4500 ASL here So I need to find a 30 HP (or so) engine at 60 lbs or so. A half VW would be great but they’re difficult to keep below 90 lbs. did you get your plans from Mr. Turner...
  10. J

    Flaglor Scooter ?

    I bought a scooter from a fellow in Lubbock, TX in 1984. It had a stock 1600 VW in it. I started flying lessons the week after I bought the plane. After I soloed and got 8 hours in a 152 I began flying it. I flew it for a couple of years before life got in the way and sold it. It handled a...
  11. J

    T100D Mariah ultralight

    Hello, When you have time, please look up the Mariah ultralight. It is all wood which I like. What do you guys think? It is here: adamsaero.com Thanks, James Fuller
  12. J

    LVL verses plywood

    Brief description of LVL: Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) First used during World War II to make airplane propellers, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) has been available as a construction product since the mid-1970s. LVL is the most widely used structural composite lumber (SCL) product and provides...
  13. J

    What is an affordable ultralight?

    I think that the problem is the availability of a 4 stroke 40 hp (+or-) engine at a price of around $5000. Given that, all the other problems are not insurmountable. The bad news is, given the size of the market, It isn’t possible to build such an engine and enjoy the economies of scale. i...
  14. J

    Video series on TIG welding thin wall aircraft tubing

    Hi all, I’m a little late to the party. I just acquired a TIG/MIG welder and have been melting metal with “some” success. What I could do to help out is this. If someone can send the files to me I’ll be glad to copy them to disks and send them out to all who want them. Well, the first fifty...
  15. J

    Possibly parting out a Kolb Ultrastar.

    What would you want for the engine?
  16. J

    2 Stroke Cylinder & Case Porting for more HP!

    Don’t want to be stupid, but could you mix aluminum powder with epoxy for use to fill the water jacket? You could use just enough epoxy to allow the mix to fetgle onto the area that you want to fill. just a thought.