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    hangar window

    I have a T hangar and have thought about putting in a window on the wall opposite of the main door. However I am worried that a window would give a thief easy access, and it would be weird to have one window in a row of hangars. My thought is to use a camera and monitor to give me an "electric...
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    Mag issue

    I am having a problem with the Slick 4220 mag on my project engine. I have the mag and harness installed on my engine, but when I turn it over by hand I am not getting any spark. The impulse coupling sounds like it is operating correctly. I don't have any experience working on mags so I'm not...
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    Volkswagen valve train

    I was installing the valve train on my 1915cc today and ran into a situation that I am unsure of. My engine has a stock stroke crankshaft with over size bore for the larger displacement. I have used a .177 shim under the cylinders to get the correct compression ratio. I installed the push rods...
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    painting my engine

    I am at the point where I am ready to assemble my VW engine and I would like to paint the block and heads before assembly. The assembly manual from Great Plains says to use hammered enamel paints for this, but I would like to paint mine white. Anyone know of any reason why not to do this? Do I...
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    tail rotor speed

    My brother and I were at Oshkosh this year and spent a lot of time at our favorite place, the Ultralight runway. Besides small airplanes they also fly smaller helicopters there - Safari, Mosquito, etc. My brother commented on the high rpm of the tail rotor and wondered why they were spun so...
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    how about transponders?

    I'm also going to need a transponder for my plane and new unit are a little too expensive for me, so it looks like I will be buying a used one. A number of friends have recommended that I get a King KT76A as they think it is the best bang for the buck. Any thoughts on this? What would you put in...
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    mgl xtreme efis

    I am at the point in building my Thatcher CX4 that I need to put together my instrument panel. I had originally planned on using a Dynon EFIS but now am thinking of using a MGL Xtreme EFIS because it will also display engine data. I went to Sun N Fun and was disappointed that MGL wasn't there...
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    Drilling aluminum

    I'm in the process of making the center section and spars for my airplane, which requires drilling holes through aluminum for the fasteners. I haven't been using any kind of lubrication or cutting fluid when I drill these holes and got to wondering if I should be. Any opinions on if I should be...
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    Where to get materials

    Where does everyone get their raw materials? Specifically 6061 T6 aluminum sheet. I need other materials too, but the majority of the airplane I am building is made from sheet aluminum.
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    Building from plans

    I'm planning on building an airplane from a set of plans that I will buy. I was wondering how many airplanes I can build from that set of plans. Am I limited to building one airplane? Let's say a buddy of mine likes my airplane and wants to use my plans to build one of his own. I'm not...
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    New guy

    Hi all, I'm a new member from Ohio. I've been interested in aviation for many years and have spent many hours flying right seat with my brother. Two years ago I got my Light Sport license and now I would like to build my own airplane. I like the Thatcher CX4 but I have a few things I need to...