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    Wanted How to mark an item SOLD?

    The guidelines for Swap Shop ask that sold items have the title edited to indicate they are sold, but I cannot locate a function that allows editing a post, either on PC or mobile. Obviously I'm missing something. Can someone help me figure this out?
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    For Sale RANS S4 S-4 Easy Project $3500 Wisconsin

    I gathered up all this stuff over the last 5 years, intending to get it airworthy and learn to fly it, but wife/kids/ job/ building some wood boats all got in the way of digging into it. Now we’ve moved to a house with a small yard and garage, don’t really have a place or time to work on it...
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    Is this the same Wayne Ison?

    I've been thinking about building a little "old school" hydroplane just for goofing around on the lake. Ran across this one and was intrigued by the designers. Jackson is well known for his little speedboats, but could this be the same Wayne Ison as the Minimax aircraft...
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    Build of Inexpensive Ultralight Trailer

    I lost the storage where I had been storing and tinkering with my old Rans S-4 ultralight. I temporarily had it in a carport tent on my driveway, but with winter coming I needed a better solution. The dang squirrels were storing walnuts in it. Mission parameters for the build: big enough for...
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    For Sale Quickie on Craigslist

    Airplane fuselage & parts Looks like this could be a great deal for a Quickie builder. I'd love to build one of those, but time and finances dictate that it ain't happening right now. Fuselage and a bunch of misc parts for $600. I'm puzzled by the dual controls on the shelf. Looks like...
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    Free Free rack for transporting ultralight wings on a trailer- Near Milwaukee

    http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd225/fredinwisc/phone pics 5-18-15 020.jpg http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd225/fredinwisc/phone pics 5-18-15 015.jpg I had to transport my RANS S-4 from one location to another this weekend, and only had access to a small 4x8 trailer. I made this...