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  1. Chris In Marshfield

    Quicksilver MX Sprint II Project

    So I picked up a Sprint II project from the estate of one of our UL chapter members recently. For the uninitiated, it's a 2-seater SBS with a Rotax 582 and wire-braced single-surface wings. It also came with a composite 5-blade prop - Kiev, I believe. The wings were re-covered and have been...
  2. Chris In Marshfield

    How much fabric shrink is enough?

    The Double Eagle project continues as we’ve started (re)covering the wings. After gluing and shrinking the wings, we’re seeing distortion and actually found a rib that was previously fractured from the last project caretaker. So we realize it’s too tight and will be rewrapping them. So I...
  3. Chris In Marshfield

    Canopy/nose cone/wind screen type thing for Quicksilver Sprint 2-place?

    So, I’m about to pick up a complete (but disassembled) QS Sprint 2-place. New sails, zero-timed 582, and waiting for adventure! I’m thinking this guy could be loads of fun on skis in the winter, but Wisconsin gets stupid cold when the days get short (doncha know). Aside from a heated...
  4. Chris In Marshfield

    Anti-chafe tape on a wood wing

    Hi all, We're about ready to start covering the Double Eagle wing and were thinking about the materials and steps to completion. We'll need to put some anti-chafe tape on the ribs and other things before wrapping them. The ribs are 1/4" stock. When we put the tape on the ribs, should the...
  5. Chris In Marshfield

    First Ultralight Flight This Weekend

    Hi all, Long time, no see! So, I made my first ultralight flight this past weekend. Climbed into a 447-powered single-seat Drifter and went for a spin. It's my first experience with a pusher of any kind, and it was an enlightening experience. The Drifter, for the uninitiated, is sort of a...
  6. Chris In Marshfield

    FS: Great Plains VW 1600cc

    Posting for a colleague. Don’t know much about it aside from what’s in the ad. Jim would be happy to answer questions. Photos in the ad. BARNSTORMERS.COM Find Aircraft & Aircraft Parts - Airplane Sale, Jets, Helicopters, Experimental, Warbirds & Homebuilt VW ENGINE, COMPLETE NEEDS WORK •...
  7. Chris In Marshfield

    Double Eagle Station 2 Crossbar

    Hi all, Our UL flying club inherited a Double Eagle project. It’s in good shape, but we have a few things we need to update. Several of us are six feet tall, and the cross bar at station 2 hits us square in the knees (mine in the photo). E157220F-D694-414F-8EEB-D7BC20BD681C by Chris In...
  8. Chris In Marshfield

    Sending a Personal Message (PM) to one or more recipients

    This came up today, so I thought I'd throw this out there so it shows up more easily in search. Might even make it to a sticky post. If you wish to send a PM, there are (at least) two ways to do it. First option: Select the name of the person to whom you'd like to send a message. From the...
  9. Chris In Marshfield

    OSH19 ETix (Electronic Tickets)

    Just ordered my OSH19 tickets and I was offered a ticket option that is compatible with my iPhone's wallet feature (electronic ticket/pass storage). That's the first time I've ever seen that tool used when ordering tickets for the big show. I hope that the volunteers working the booth this...
  10. Chris In Marshfield

    Belite factory fire

    Sad event for the Wiebe clan https://www.facebook.com/172640762799863/posts/2370087636388487/
  11. Chris In Marshfield

    Bob Barrows accident in Bearhawk LSA

    The Bob had an altercation with a wire yesterday, but is doing okay. More info here: https://bearhawkforums.com/forum/bearhawk-general-discussion-news/46103-bob-barrows-lsa-accident-yesterday ~Chris
  12. Chris In Marshfield

    Cool Young Eagles success story

    This is Captain Tyler, a young friend of mine from central Wisconsin. I worked with HQ some years back and he was awarded EAA’s first private pilot flight training scholarship. Today he is Delta / Endeavor’s youngest captain. Beside him is First Officer Jake, another young friend of mine from...
  13. Chris In Marshfield

    Cost of steel tubing increasing in late 2018

    Received a notice from the Bearhawk factory that the price of kits is going up in 2019 due to increase in materials prices. Mark says that steel tubing has gone up 40%, and he had to use four suppliers to get what he needed for this quarter versus his usual source. Apparently the price of...
  14. Chris In Marshfield

    Ripping Angle versus Sheet for Spar Caps

    Morning all, So, planning for my rear spar construction after I complete my main spars. Hopefully I'll get started on the assembly of the main spar shortly. Anyway, my rear spar caps are 1-1/4" x 1/8" x 167". Since I can't get a single piece of metal that long, I'll have to do some splicing...
  15. Chris In Marshfield

    Cool video about Oxy-Acetylene Welding

    Watched this today, and I thought it was really super cool. Even learned a little bit of chemistry, as well as why the bottles are different sizes. Nifty stuff!
  16. Chris In Marshfield

    Radio Static During Tx

    Washed the plane a couple weekends ago. A few days later, ATC told me that my transmission was very crackly and staticky. Seems to me that maybe some soap and/or water got under the antenna seal and is interfering with the ground plane. Does that sound reasonable? Probably not a bad idea to take...
  17. Chris In Marshfield

    A nifty Flea I’ve never seen before

    I visited UL Chapter 1 this morning for the first time at their monthly “briefing”. Neat group of people looking to bring visibility to open air low and slow flying. While getting the tour of various hangars and flying critters, I saw a Flea variant I hadn’t seen before. Unique bird...
  18. Chris In Marshfield

    Weighing a Flying Boat

    In another thread this week, the topic of the Spencer Aircar came up. We discussed various aspects of the airplane's design, engine choices, and CG. The idea of building the Aircar as a pure flying boat (no landing gear), comparable to flying straight floats on regular plane, was mentioned...
  19. Chris In Marshfield

    Oshkosh Aviation Job Fair Will Cater to Career Switchers

    Just received this in an email newsletter. I'm intrigued... https://www.flyingmag.com/oshkosh-aviation-job-fair-will-cater-to-career-switchers <snip> Oshkosh Aviation Job Fair Will Cater to Career SwitchersIf you’re interested in a job in the aviation industry, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind...
  20. Chris In Marshfield

    Team MiniMax plans no longer available for free

    This from the MiniMax Facebook page this morning: “We regret that we can no longer give the free digital plans out. time needed to help those with download issues in combination with no factory support. Make the cost to high for us to continue. The Printed plans are very detailed and worth the...