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  1. LArzfromarz

    Almost, affordable powerplant....

    Saw this at the boat show recently. I really like the idea of the "closed cooling"- yeah traditional radiator is "closed cooling"- maybe should read "compact" Too bad its not cheap... Seven Marine Reveals 557-HP Outboard at Miami Boat Show | Boats.com Blog...
  2. LArzfromarz


    Skid plates or no I think it's lousy way to demonstrate the skills of the pilot. I believe it sends a poor message to the younger folks in the crowd that may not understand that this is contrived. There are better ways than being Foster Brooks with Piper Cub. My humble opinion. -Larz
  3. LArzfromarz

    Best method to wash an aircraft?

    Tape up the static port(s) and pitot. I used a simple enzymatic soap (laundry soap) or Dawn and warm (ish) water and a soft bristle brush (marine supply store or HD). Get a good hand held squeegee to remove the bulk of the water then towel dry. Don't use paper towels on the windows they scratch...
  4. LArzfromarz

    what's your desktop picture?

    Just updated to this sent by my good friend Ken Murphy. That's him over Mount Hood in the original Cozy of Nat Puffer. It replaced the 4 cylinder Sterling
  5. LArzfromarz

    what's your desktop picture?

  6. LArzfromarz

    I'm one step closer!

    Blue Skies to you Nick!
  7. LArzfromarz

    Open Fan

    "thank you for clarifying!" West- Orion is real good at that-
  8. LArzfromarz

    Trailing Link Landing Gear

    Orion- Just a thought, for trailing arm fixed gear arrangement it is probably next to impossible to "pants" it due to the travel correct? Larry Love the design tho...
  9. LArzfromarz

    Closed Circuit TV

    A more practical and available solution that I like is the Zaon Flight Systems - Home PCAS system. Gives plenty of notice if PIC is awake and you can have stand alone MRX or XRX, or XRX can display on most glass panel stuff or GPSs. Is it perfect, show me anything that is... L
  10. LArzfromarz


    God Speed as we pray for the safety of all our Armed Forces worldwide- I've got two in Iraq (family not kids). L
  11. LArzfromarz

    Build one or buy used......Dillema?

    As an A&P (me) be careful of using "his" mechanics. I've seen kick backs and the like, rarely, but buyer beware. Picking a mechanic is has hard as picking an airplane. That said for what you want you are doing the right thing and since this is a "Home Built" arena, I'm sorry that folks may have...
  12. LArzfromarz

    Build one or buy used......Dillema?

    I vote fly.
  13. LArzfromarz

    Which of the LSA designs is most builder friendly?

    I'd have to think the Vans RV-12 ranks right up there. I know dedicated RV builders that could knock one out 3-4 months (or less). I really think the question has to pretty subjective since most folks don't have the depth of experience in the many different brands/types so YMMV. Larry
  14. LArzfromarz

    Outstanding guncam movie.

    Auto-"I had a bit of a laugh at that, given all our prejudices about all Americans, walking around with a .50 if they go shopping ;)" Considering your screen name (or my shortening of it) I would think you would be sympathetic;)> An M1911 .45 does nicely (I'm a big guy and it hides well) the...
  15. LArzfromarz

    Outstanding guncam movie.

    Mac you can do much better than that I promise- You pay the shipping I'll send my Navy camera as a gift! Larry
  16. LArzfromarz

    Outstanding guncam movie.

    Orion this is not strictly true... there are too many "flour bomb drops" for flying clubs and the like... but the spirit is correct, humbly speaking of course.:o Sec. 91.15 - Dropping objects. No pilot in command of a civil aircraft may allow any object to be dropped from that aircraft in...
  17. LArzfromarz

    Outstanding guncam movie.

    Mac- I got these a few years ago... Ebay is your friend and I spent less than $100 USD for both (different sellers though). L
  18. LArzfromarz

    Outstanding guncam movie.

    Wow this is outstanding footage and in color too. Earlier footage in color was rare. Thanks Mac... This inspired me to post pics of my actual gun cameras, the AN-N6 type used for exactly the above purposes based on my research. I have one Army Air Corps and one Navy camera (incomplete) and a...
  19. LArzfromarz

    Comment on Billski's build thread

    Vista 64 bit with Firefox 3.6.10 and see everything from Billski's original post and Topaz's follow ups AOK. Btw I like Billski's work and would love to see the sketch up of the design. Wishing I was anywhere near that stage of a build... Larzfromarz
  20. LArzfromarz

    What kind of seaplane is this?

    It has a rather composite look to it, seems to have plenty of power and wanted to get up on step rather quickly. I'd like to know more too...