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  1. akwrencher

    Fuel and octane explained

    I've always wondered about aviation octane ratings and why the old fuels had two ratings. I found some interesting articles and learned some things. Here is one, there are others by the same author that are easy to find...
  2. akwrencher

    Welding 7075

    Was surfing and found this. Might be interesting for someone. https://www.google.com/amp/s/phys.org/news/2019-01-nanotechnology-enables-weld-previously-un-weldable.amp
  3. akwrencher

    Grr-Ripper, anyone used on?

    Has anyone used this cool looking tool? If so, what was your experience. I found it by accident on Amazon and put it on my wish list. Would love to know if it's worth the money.
  4. akwrencher

    Generators for hybrid systems

    I have seen many threads about hybrids, and have yet to see any real discussion about the generator part. Are there any lightweight generator heads available today off the shelf? All the gen sets I am aware of are pretty heavy with the exception of very small portable high rpm "inverter" series...
  5. akwrencher

    Two stroke conversions and pipes

    So, after several years of traveling for work way too much, I'm back home full time, remaried, and working hard to catch up on the many projects around the house and yard. I've started reading HBA again, and thinking about some of the fun projects I want to do. A couple years back, I mentioned...
  6. akwrencher

    Trouble loading pages.....

    Is anyone else having trouble loading pages at HBA? I have had this problem for a week now, and it's only on this site. Sometimes the pages load fine, then the next one will get "stuck" and take several tries and or several minutes to load. No clue what it could be.
  7. akwrencher

    The cat and duck method

    Many years ago my Grandfather sent me a clipping with this funny story. I now share it with you. I hope you laugh as hard as I did :) INSTRUMENT FLYING FOR ANIMAL LOVERS Having detailed the concept of attitude control, there is another method which you may prefer. For reasons...
  8. akwrencher

    Dakota Hawk or Super Koala? First build questions....

    Ok, after many many years of scheming and dreaming, I think I have found a way to get started on a real live airplane. After falling in love with the VJ 22 sporstman design, I took a closer look at wood construction, which I had previously dismissed. For several reasons this has become my...
  9. akwrencher

    Homemade tubing/pipe bender ?

    I was wondering if anyone here has made a tubing/pipe bender suitable for exhaust pipes and the like. If so, would you be willing to post pics/tips? (Pops, I'd be shocked if you didn't have one :) )
  10. akwrencher

    Jig discussion?

    I did a little bit of digging and I can't find much in the threads about fuselage jigs, other than some people have made them. Someday, hopefully in the not too distant future, I want to start a plans built rag and tube. I have a lot of tools and some welding experience, but I just can't...
  11. akwrencher

    Wanted Wanted: J3 kitten plans

    Hi, I have a crappy downloaded copy of the Hipps superbirds J3 kitten. I like the looks of this small plane for my first project, but it would be nice if someone had a better copy they could sell me, especially if it included a materials list. thanks in advance. Zach
  12. akwrencher

    Two Stroke tuned exhaust

    I found this paper on two strokes that has a lot of useful info in it on designing tuned exhausts for different applications. It's old, from the seventies, and is quite lengthy, but worth a look. The expansion chamber section is a little less than halfway down. Gordon Jennings Two-Stroke...
  13. akwrencher

    Marine Outboard 2 stroke exhaust question.....

    I've been reading all the old 2 stroke threads, just trolling for info and learning what others have tried. Lot's of great info from knowledgable folks! I have seen a few people mention that they have tried, or at least thought about using a marine outboard powerhead for a UL. I've kicked...
  14. akwrencher

    J-3 Kitten?

    I'm looking for some firsthand reports of the J-3 kitten UL. If anyone here has built, flown, or has a friend who has, could I get some reports? Looking for a good quality, nice flying 103 ul that I can buy good plans for , for a posible first build. Open to suggestions of similer planes...
  15. akwrencher

    Belted PSRU question/idea

    Ok, I'm sure someone has probably already tried this, but I have to ask. Since one of the biggest chalanges with redrives is isolating them from the engine power pulses so they don't dissintigrate, why couldn't you use a cogbelt psru but with an idler pulley on each side pushing in using a...
  16. akwrencher

    Avid/kitfox types, Pegazair?

    Have been looking at light rag and tube designs that have plans available. I was just wondering if there is anyone on here that has any good info on the Pegazair 100 from Tapanee. They have plans available, has been around awhile, and looks (on paper) to have similer performance to a KF IV...
  17. akwrencher

    Just Plane Crazy in Alaska....new member Zach

    Longtime aviation enthusiast. Got sidetracked raising kids for awhile, and am now making plans to start a project in the near future. Looking to learn a few things about plans built t&f kitfox type planes before I order the metel:)