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  1. Doran Jaffas

    Long term integrity of resorcinol glue

    Sorry about the text issues but I hope you get the gist of it.
  2. Doran Jaffas

    Long term integrity of resorcinol glue

    If the mixture was correct and obviously it has been otherwise the airplane would not have stayed in the air as long as it has,, I would not worry about it at all. I've used resource and all when I built propellers and did not have an issue and also resource and all was used in boat building...
  3. Doran Jaffas

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    I vote for the Constellation.
  4. Doran Jaffas

    Aero News Network Video - Terrible Raptor 1st Flight Review

    How about getting a review from somebody that is actually familiar with test flying aircraft. The climb rate was probably kept very shallow for a purpose. as far as the instability goes nobody really knows because nobody else was in the cockpit. The long takeoff roll could have also been done...
  5. Doran Jaffas

    Green zinc chromate primer as final finish

    Coming from experience leaving some of it exposed you'll be surprised at how long it does last. Also coming from experience, make sure you have a positive pressure air mask on when you're spraying it. When I sprayed an airplane long time ago with it I didn't even think about it until after I got...
  6. Doran Jaffas

    What Did You Do To Save General Aviation Today?

    Gorgeous picture. Wx hasn't been good for flying here in Michigan the last couple of weeks. Only had one dawn patrol here in Michigan and that was several weeks ago. Fortunately the wx turned out very nice and a lot of birds flew into Lowell, Michigan after the fog lifted.
  7. Doran Jaffas

    Wrapping Fiberglass around Aluminum t increase strength?

    Time for this thread to stop.
  8. Doran Jaffas

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Sorry for the late reply. It must be an illusion of the picture. The cowling slopes a bit but not the engine. On the " What did you do on your airplane today " topic,, I and a friend of mine worked on fitting the new spinner and propeller today. Backing plate, bulkhead, cuts for the prop...
  9. Doran Jaffas

    How Hot Is Too Hot?

    Excellent words of wisdom.
  10. Doran Jaffas

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Initial look see. Hope to get the opening for the pilot cooler done this weekend.
  11. Doran Jaffas

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    More for n...sort of.. After flying last weekend it was discovered that my spinner had cracked. After removing the spinner for further investigation I found the backing plate cracking at the bend of the flange. It appears to have started at one of the nut plates. The crack was obviously...
  12. Doran Jaffas

    Engine options for my Lazair

    Aside from the part of the comment that you did not like he was talking good sense when it comes to getting a good reliable engine from a glider and installing that. I have been around ultralights and I remember the Lazair when I first came out. I believe it was a couple of two-stroke 8...
  13. Doran Jaffas

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Discovered a crack in my spinner. The process of replacing it with a new spinner and backing plate and modifying my cowling for the whole shebang. hope to have it back in the air by the end of the week.
  14. Doran Jaffas

    New EAA Chapter Build Project SoCal

    I am in Michigan and not active in the experimental aircraft association anymore. There are several experimental airplanes that our Airport including my Tailwind W8 with a continental 0-200. A friend of mine with an RV6 and I are the two most active Pilots at that airport with the exception of...
  15. Doran Jaffas

    New guy here, howdy!

    I've owned and flown one for 2 years. Looking for another as a compliment to my Tailwind W8. I'd be happy to talk with you. doranjaffas@gmail.com
  16. Doran Jaffas

    thrust expected from an 1834cc VW?

    Years ago my Sonerai 2 had the VW 2180 cc. 54x44 Sterba propeller. Top speed was 150ish. Climb..times was 1400 fpm if I remember correctly. The high speed numbers were really ambitious. Maybe their climb was minimal. When talking to other Sonerai 2 pilot's...I was told their were inline with...
  17. Doran Jaffas

    The Plank Flies!

    I w Very Nice. I would build a two place side by side. I've always been interested in them.
  18. Doran Jaffas

    Are tube spars an insult to the engineering community?

    Take a look at the Grumman Yankee and more than a few others.
  19. Doran Jaffas

    Looks like a Mustang?

  20. Doran Jaffas

    What are you designing, building, flying or interested in?

    If you decide to part with the BD-5 let me know. Doran Jaffas KY70 Ionia Michigan