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  1. billyvray

    best 100 HP auto/motorcycle engine conversion?

    There's a good effort by a guy on Facebook putting a 2cyl Yamaha Phazer engine on a Kolb. It will be a good lightweight alternative, but not on par for a 912 replacement - maybe 503,582,612 Rotax or HKS range. For 100 hp it seems like the Apex Yamaha is the best deal going right now. The...
  2. billyvray

    Verner Anounced suspensoin of production for 3V and 5V radials

    Here's another potential 4 stroke contender. Helvenco 250cc modded from a motorcycle engine (much like Polini if I recall...). PSRu supported both ends. No idea on price thought I have reached out to see. I just heard back. Price from North American dealer is $7800....😬...likely not cheaper if...
  3. billyvray

    Single seat Wittman/RV3 mashup on Facebook for sale

    Nevermind, it sold already. Sorry. I did ask for more pictures of it. If I don't get any feel free to delete. If I do, I'll add them here.
  4. billyvray

    Single seat Wittman/RV3 mashup on Facebook for sale

    link: Log into Facebook | Facebook Wittman inspired, but with all aluminum tail and wings from RV3. Single seat, was 503 powered.
  5. billyvray

    Best decision ever.....JUST DO IT !!!

    Can I come live with you? No really, I can cook, I'm pretty handy....:)
  6. billyvray

    A FrankenFour Inline?

    What we need is a person like Allen Millyard to conjur up unusual engines on a whim. I do not care if you aren't into motorcycles, you will probably enjoy his Youtube videos. The man build unique engines from parts of others for no other reason than he can. In a shed. With a manual lathe and...
  7. billyvray

    Beech Staggerwing Fuselage Best Offer

  8. billyvray

    Devfus foam

    what 'foil' did you use? Looks like a roll of plastic film.
  9. billyvray

    Facet Opel

    Thanks for posting that letter, Mike. In reading that I feel that the original design intent would much better match what most folks would like to fly. I wonder if he or anyone would happen to have any pictures or sketches of that version: - longer, fixed gear - larger vertical stabilizers -...
  10. billyvray

    Hot wire cutting.

    Dusan, how about showing your setup? I'm considering a cnc foam cutter (and a lowrider cutter). I like your solution to the curved shapes. It actually seems so simple (why didn't I think of that....duh)...
  11. billyvray

    Lower budget engine options for a low budget UL

    Is there a commercially available tuned pipe made for these engines anymore?
  12. billyvray

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Is it possibly tail heavy? It never stops wobbling around. I agreee there is chasing the oscillation, but I would think it would at some point settle a bit, but it just augers around the whole time like it's out of balance. The video had me clinching.
  13. billyvray

    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    I still think an ME163 type with a tractor engine could work. Models fly great. Kind of like this quick sketch: Spar would have to move behind the pilot but it would still be pretty thick to work out.
  14. billyvray

    Flying Flea layout, but not free-wing....shower thoughts..

    Good thoughts guys. Thanks. I'll update when/if I build a larger model.
  15. billyvray

    Flying Flea layout, but not free-wing....shower thoughts..

    So, I printed out the HM293 single page plan. While on a conference call I cut out a simple foam board chuck glider. During the trimming/balancing phase, I had to decrease the rear wing incidence to be basically flat to get it to fly. I did NOT make the the front wing a free-wing. It flies...
  16. billyvray

    Tacit Blue's Airfoil

    To look at any pictures, I would think the tail looks nothing like a bonanza.
  17. billyvray

    Culver Cadet LCA-90 Auction

    do plans exist for theses Culvers? The Dart and the Cadet are too sweet. I recall the Cadet plans may be out there but never saw Dart plans.
  18. billyvray

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    14 pages and no Beech 18? 2048 × 1365