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  1. pfarber

    Not so complicated but proven conversion?

    One thing that COMPLETELY baffles me is that people will spend $10k+ on an motor from a rando on the internet and not spend another $500 to put the **** thing on a dyno and get some real world numbers and tuning. You can bet that I have already talked to three local tuners that will take my...
  2. pfarber

    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    Thanks for the reply. I've posted an several forums and you're the only person to actually post on the process. I figured that there were only a few parts they really wanted, but I am unclear on if they NDT the case and crank first or just accept anything on the pallet. Giving away thousands...
  3. pfarber

    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    did they do an inspection or just accept the core and logs and issue a credit?
  4. pfarber

    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    What was the process? Did you get listed price? Only as a credit? Thanks!
  5. pfarber

    Zongshen aero engines available in Europe

    You cannot patent an engine. You can patent a part, or a process, but not an engine. The ICE patenent ran out long before China even knew what an airplane was.
  6. pfarber

    Scale ME-262

    The restrictions on the R&D catagory are quite strict. This would not be the same as Amateur Built (E/AB)
  7. pfarber

    Legal question about copyright

    But a patent rarely covers the entire 'thing' like an airplane. You could have a flap mechanism patent, but not the wing. Even new airliner wings are not patented (shape, performance) but the process and materials to make it (say a specific process to cure epoxy with specific characteristics)...
  8. pfarber

    Working on an airplane on the ramp

    Won't last. Had one and wind basically ate it up. Maybe if you just used the metal supports and made a decent UV/Waterproof covering, but you'd be well into the $500+ range. I would not want to be out on a ramp working on anything major. Take it home, take it to another airfield or beg for...
  9. pfarber

    Laser cut 6061-T6 ? or use a router ???

    Not any more. New fiber lasers cut that down to a few thou (definitely less than .005) which is little more than a pass with a file or wheel. Not sure why people are all upset about super clean edges.. ever see what a pair of snips can to do aluminum?
  10. pfarber

    Spark redundancy.

    Well ABS/Traction control are not critical. Running out of fuel or getting a speeding ticket.. also not critical to the safe operation of the vehicle. Knowing what gear you are in? Now we're talking safety, that's why there are always at least two indicators (dash and shifter). I 100% plan...
  11. pfarber

    Spark redundancy.

    Gauge clusters are kinda important, so if it was not communitacting with the ECU to display trivial information like, say, current speed, or fuel tank level, or even what gear you are in.... so a CEL and limp home for safety would be a good choice for John and Jane Q public. Even in a Certified...
  12. pfarber

    IPad/ Foreflight

    Dude, seriously? lol how comfy was the dog house you were in? I have an iPad 10 in and its honestly to big for a PA28. There is simply no where to put it other than your lap without covering half the panel. IOdly, in a 172 the RAM suction mount on the side window was a perfect fit. No I...
  13. pfarber

    Diamond shows off new Continental Diesel DA 50-RG

    Does it really matter? The FAA will kill GA because manufacturers just don't give a crap about GA. There is absolutely no reason why GA parts cost what they do (no, do NOT tell me liability or small runs... that's just a lie). Unless the FAA starts to push MOGAS (aka AD every plane to MOGAS...
  14. pfarber

    Restored B-29

    Met Tibbets personally and Got mine for $20 at a gun show. Included a signed photo of the Enola Gay. Good book. Also met Wild Bill Guenier(sp?) from BoB at a Gun Show. He was a tiny little dude.
  15. pfarber

    Using only GPS as your EFIS inputs??? Why u do dat?

    Moderator Edit: Snipped some needless personal sniping. An EAB for VFR day needs no instruments. As it was pointed out its no type certified. My question is that low end EFIS using GPS only is questionable decision since GPS altitude is not based off MSL. Do pilots even realize that the...
  16. pfarber

    Spark redundancy.

    "confusing/conflating ECUs with engine monitors " Well this statement vs what I have said makes me wonder if you do, also. An ECU is BOTH. Why you think they are not would only be due to the manufacturers decisions. Again, most custom ECUs allow for full data display via CAN BUS, making...
  17. pfarber

    Spark redundancy.

    I think you are not aware that custom ECUs like Megasquirt have options that SDS and factory ECUs to not allow. Custom ECUs monitor all critical engine parameters, (again, just as an example) I don't believe that SDS has a CAN BUS output to allow for custom data monitoring/gauges. Custom ECUs...
  18. pfarber

    Using only GPS as your EFIS inputs??? Why u do dat?

    If you want to do anything useful with an E/AB you will need to have ADSB-out and MODE-C. Mode-C is not dead. If you want to fly at night or in controlled airspace (other than D/E) you will need to have gear that DIY EFIS simply don't have, and almost certainly won't have a TSO. Dynon and the...
  19. pfarber

    Using only GPS as your EFIS inputs??? Why u do dat?

    My initial question was if the GPS height was useful for anything since its usually the only sensor in low end EFIS. basically the EFIS needs to have a barometric altimeter to be useful in navigation. So it goes back to the 'why do EFIS displays do dumb things'. Artificial horizons: garbage...
  20. pfarber

    Spark redundancy.

    Once you get into custom ECU having the ability to monitor, mitigate or ignore a bad input is better than just blindly saying 'all limp home is bad'. On a STOCK ECU, yes, you have little idea what will happen. On a custom ECU you have all sorts of control to monitor, failover or switch to a...