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  1. jedi

    Engine options for my Lazair

    70 degree lake water does wonders for engine cooling. Other applications like the Onan do not run continuous max power. Don't abuse it if you want to continue to use it.
  2. jedi

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    "One injured when ultralight aircraft crashes in field off County Road 466" Article indicates that the responding fire department reported it as a "Ultralight" aircraft. Apparently they realized that it was not an "Airliner"
  3. jedi

    Basic Modern Ultralight, BMU

    I would add a 4 foot swept wing tip to the 24 foot spanHershey bar wing. PM me for design details. Consider cord up to 5 feet if more wing area is needed. Agree on the 96 sq ft
  4. jedi

    modern equivalent to doped canvas?

    Nice work. How much does the complete frame weigh?
  5. jedi

    USA FAR103 Seaplane Riddle

    Polaris FIB - Wikipedia
  6. jedi

    Are tube spars an insult to the engineering community?

    Thanks for all the comments. What I have learned follows: 1. Tube spars are not all bad. 2. Tube spars are OK for low aspect ratio Hershey bar wings on simple inexpensive airplanes. 2a. Tube spars are not OK on moderate or greater aspect ratio wings with considerable taper. 3. Tube spars can...
  7. jedi

    A practical UL trainer....or not?

    What do you think of putting a Wireless Fence Dog Collar on the student to let him know when he is going too far so he would let go of the controls and let the CFI / Drone Pilot take over? :pilot: It would also need a "Stick Sensor" so the CFI knows when the student has given up and the CFI...
  8. jedi

    Fabric Testing

    Look for an A&P with a fabric tester and borrow it. Lacking, that do a finger or pencil test. Knowing where to test is important.
  9. jedi

    Are tube spars an insult to the engineering community?

    The title of this thread (Are tube spars an insult to the engineering community?) is taken from a post in the "Prandtl lift distribution for conventional configurations" thread? This inference has been mentioned several times in various areas. I think the subject needs more discussion, in...
  10. jedi

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Carb ice. Typical in D-18 twin beech. R985 engines.
  11. jedi

    I would love to have a conversation or two. 425 495 7946 voice or text, Grant Smith. Subjects...

    I would love to have a conversation or two. 425 495 7946 voice or text, Grant Smith. Subjects: round spars flying wings BSLD pitch stability and CG range your choice
  12. jedi

    Prandtl lift distribution for conventional configurations?

    Yes! Have you any knowledg of the Mitchel B-10, A-10 and related designs.
  13. jedi

    How to do what I want without using a 3LS design ?

    If you want a more modern version, There is also a twin engine version of the P-300 shown. P-420
  14. jedi

    How to do what I want without using a 3LS design ?

    Would you consider a 1/10 scale version of the DO - X with only two centerline thrust push pull engines and 3LS modifications.
  15. jedi

    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    I like it! Keep going. D tube leading edge spar? It needs to fold to fit ?? What Span and area are you deciding on. I like 32 ft span and 100 sq ft. But it needs to fold very quick and easy. Accomplish that and you can double the time and cost to build and have a more viable product. IMHO...
  16. jedi

    90Kg Flying Club

    I stand by my post #4. Your support will be limited until you build and fly the prototype. One person is enough for that to happen. There is support for the concept craft but not for the change of regulations. Ultralights were started outside the the then existing regulations. Regulations will...
  17. jedi

    90Kg Flying Club

    What is the point. All FAR 103 requirements are met except for the 25 knot stall speed. Do you want some exemption for the higher stall speed or a whole new class of aircraft under Part 91? In either case the restrictions you specify are too restrictive. It appears to define an aircraft of your...
  18. jedi

    HP-18 Sailplane KIT Craigslist Michigan

    Billy, What would you give for a complete flying HP-14? In theory, cash not required.
  19. jedi

    Skis and floats

    For skies I would adapt a pair of old snow boards. Search the internet for metal floats of the proper size. They are out there and the airplane for them is no longer. There have been some good deals in the past.
  20. jedi

    How old can you be to start a new aeroplane project ?

    Start with the design. Share it here if you like. You will not regret it. One step at a time will take you miles and there is no knowing where you will be after 1,000 steps unless you start your journey with the first one.