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    Wanted Flaglor Scooter plans

    A copy for me too, please. I love classic wood homebuilts!
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    Aeroplane you have to dress into !

    Taylor Monoplane. I am 6'2", and 206 pounds. I fit... sort of.
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    What??? No handheld radio???

    There was an airplane repo episode that involved the repo of a Twin Otter from a skydiving center-- one that I was familiar with. The star of the show and a pilot snuck around, broke into the airplane and took off. I was surprised that the DZ owner even had a note on teh airplane, let alone not...
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    Don, I suggest you keep the differential throws of the ailerons as they are. My flying Taylor...

    Don, I suggest you keep the differential throws of the ailerons as they are. My flying Taylor and the two project sitting all have an extreme amount of up deflection and only about an inch or so of down aileron. That still requires a little rudder when rolling quickly. Any less differential...
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    Plans format preferences and pricing

    I bought the Druine Turbi Plans from Manna Aviation, the folks that bought the other designs from Falconair that you didn't buy. It was received from Australia in a downloadable format, and I took the file to a local printer to get paper copies. Way less expensive that shipping paper from...
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    Do you think we are using the right wing length for most aircraft?

    I have had the opportunity to experiment with adding wingtip extensions on my Glasair. (Actually I did the reverse, since I first flew it a couple of hundred hours with the extensions before removing them for about 15 hours.) Most of the changes were as I would have expected, though a few were...
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    Cygnet project available

    in what area is it located?
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    What were the reasons for Quicksilver to be where they are today?

    I have never flown one, but always appreciated the Quicksilver's place in the community even though it isn't my favorite. I remember very well its origins, which was the original weight shift hang glider that had a moveable rudder. I love simple aircraft the most, and the hang glider version...
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    Wooden Single Seat Aircraft Plans

    Yes, it originally had a JAP two cylinder, which was a licensed-built version of the Aeronca E-113 engine converted to dual ignition. It is pretty close to the weight of the small VW engine. I have an E-113 here and could compare the weights. The Taylors apparently changed to a VW when the JAP...
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    Wooden Single Seat Aircraft Plans

    I saw a KR-2B at Sun n Fun a couple of years ago. As for these little planes getting heavy, that is true for most plans built airplanes, particularly the wood ones, where the temptation to "beef it up" is always available in the form of a beefier piece of wood here and there, plus radios...
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    Wooden Single Seat Aircraft Plans

    I was in Southern California a few years ago and saw what looked like a KR-1 but with tapered wings. It may have been a KR-1B. The fuselage and bubble canopy were unmistakably KR-1. I think the wing had much more taper than a normal KR-2B however. It was a beautiful build. Looked tiny compare to...
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    Wow! Taylor Bird project - rare as it gets!

    When I was in college in the early 1980s I was heading down I-4 to Sun n Fun, and I saw the Taylorbird on a trailer with "guess who" in the pick up truck towing it... I knew even then that it was a moment in time I wouldn't forget...
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    Looking for a project in St Augustine FLA

    I am a little south of you in DeLand. What type of project would you find interesting???
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    Chilton DW1 Build

    I did say "More" modern, Eric. It is all relative, lol...
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    Any members in/near Florida Panhandle?

    I am in Central Florida, Fred, but I would love to come visit as I am a big fan of your efforts in homebuilts and model diesel engines. I'd love to have a FRED!!!
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    Chilton DW1 Build

    Beautiful work, Alan! How is the fit in the cockpit compared to some of the more modern single place homebuilts such as the Taylor Mono, Druine Turbulent, etc?