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  1. Wagy59

    Bi-directional spruce for fuselage skins is a VERY BASIC frame for the airplane I'm designing..I'm going to build a light frame and cover it it thin strips of "spar quality" spruce..Light frame meaning aircraft spruce using usual methods of construction..curved fuselage frame parts laminated spruce and line sanded once...
  2. Wagy59

    Wood and Chevys

    I Joined the forum about a month or so ago, and someone suggested I start a new thread and introduce myself and share what I've been designing. Since I'm a spaz when it comes to online forums/discussion group websites, it took me a couple weeks to get around to figuring out how to start a new...
  3. Wagy59

    Liker of Aeroplanes

    This forum thing is new to me, but I'm liking this, except I hate the thing where you have to come up with a title for this...why do I need a title?...I don't get that..I'm not writing a book or an whats up with the title thing? Ok, never mind. I'm just being grumpy again..everyone...
  4. Wagy59

    New Twin Homebuilt Concept

    Hi All, I just registered on the website..first post... I'm pretty good with autocad and started designing a twin engine 2 seater. Don't know what got into me...I just sat down a few weeks back and started working on it. It's a bit ambitious, but I love airplanes..what can I say? One of my...
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