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  1. don january

    Wanted aircraft grade ply

    I'm asking to see if anyone has aircraft grade full sheets or half sheets of 1/8" and 1/16" and one full sheet of 3/64" ply for my build ? Please drop me a PM if you have some to sell . I'll pay shipping. Thanks Don
  2. don january

    36' quicksilver Ultra light 1000.00

    Located in N.D. Call 701-302-0204
  3. don january

    Do it nice do it twice

    For those builders who are considering building with wood you should in some areas be ready to build twice as in the rudder and elevator of a Taylor mono plane. After the main structure is built per plans you are in a spot of do I go for smooth lines or just let the fabric lay as it may. I have...
  4. don january

    Why the wait and hesitation?

    For years I have opened this forum to view what is going on in the home built aircraft world and to no end it's mostly 99% what ifs and how can I. Also does the math work out. I have seen very few actual aircraft being built and that's a bummer. I myself am building a plane and get emails weekly...
  5. don january

    Valve lash adjustment

    I have a question for those who may know the answer. Can a person set the valve lash on a 2.5 subaru while the heads are off the block? Or is it best to do once engine is assembled ?
  6. don january

    Sharing builders Experiences

    I wanted to open a thread about not discussing what's needed to be done in a build or where to start but more of the glitches that come along. I'm at this time focused on the fuel tank and dash and always thought a removable dash is the ticket. I look left and right and see HZ stab and elevator...
  7. don january

    For Sale Stock RR KR-2 Clear Canopy

    If any KR2 builders or a plane in need . I have this RR Canopy for sale and or trade would like 450.00 sell or trade. Buyer pays shipping cost. Contact me By forum PM. Don
  8. don january

    Aircraft mixed bucket list

    I was sitting today and thinking over things I'd like to do before passing while I still can get into a plane and other things and on the top of my list was to take my VW trike I built and tow a trailer behind it with the Taylor-mono plane or PDQ with wings folded and go to airshows/airstrips...
  9. don january

    Trade Lycoming 0-290 RPM gauge and 44" drive cable

    Forum I have this mechanical gauge and drive cable off a RV-4 in good shape that won't work on my build so would like to swap it for a electronic Tach or a Matco tail wheel assy. drop me a PM if interested. Thanks Don
  10. don january

    Difference between talking about building and Doing

    I want to start this thread to share for one the story of a builder (Lou) who is 70+ years old that has one ultralight and many model's build's under his belt and now taking on a build of a Taylor-mono plane. I check HBA most every day and read the question's that arise from potential builder's...
  11. don january

    Trade 6x2.25" inch tail wheel assy.

    Forum: I received this tail wheel for my Taylor-monoplane and I believe it is twice of what I need for my aircraft. It has a 6"x2.25" hard rubber tire and a 1 1/2" leave spring 3/8" thick total weight is near 10 lb. The brand in the rim casting is R+K. Does anyone have a 3 to 4 lb. T/W assembly...
  12. don january

    Whats in your closet ?

    I thought it would be fun to share whats in your life as far as airplanes. From plans to RC to Experimental and GA. Here are mine Plans- Star Duster SA300 Flaglor scooter PDQ-2...
  13. don january

    nicopress tool hole size

    Could someone tell me the size of the hole in the jaw of a nicopress tool similar to this. for 1/8" cable? I was guessing about 5/16 but maybe someone has one and can get a proper number for me. Thanks Don J
  14. don january

    Control stick offset

    Fello members I have this control stick out of my KR-2 and when I had it on the bench for cleanup I noticed that the Aliron base plate is drilled off center by about 3/8 of an inch. and one other hole is not 90 degrees to the others. My question is this a design incorporated in to the stick or...
  15. don january

    splintering of ply

    I found a way to aid in keeping ply from splintering badly when cutting with power tools. I took some Liquid nails adhesive that is supplied from most all hardware stores that goes into your caulking gun and mixed 1 part of rubbing alcohol to 3 parts liquid nails and coated the piece of ply to...
  16. don january

    Flaglor Scooter ?

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of any of these all wood planes being built in the US.? I think this would be a great around the patch plane for a first time builder.
  17. don january

    Trade Sale or trade Gerdes A-110-4 brake cylinders

    I have a new set of these Gerdes A-110-4 short stroke. that I would like to swap for some good heel brake cylinders or ??? will sell out right also. I have a fare Idea what there worth so make me an offer and we can work out shipping. Pm here at HBA or email me at
  18. don january

    kr2 canopy modified for Taylor- mono ?

    Could a person take this canopy and lay it on a mold after frame is removed Then heat I was hoping to get a bubble for the Taylor Mono plane but not sure if it will ruin the glass. Can they be heated more then once? Whats the best for cutting? Cut off wheel on a angle grinder? Dremel with large...
  19. don january

    Dowel hinge

    For you flyers that have built RC planes and used many different types of hinges have you ever thought of up scaling the ideas and apply to experimental aircraft? I see in my head a Kevlar dowel of about 3/16" or even the same size music wire being used as a hinge (No not been drinking);) if a...
  20. don january

    What way does a builder go?

    I want to talk about the designs and mainly plans out there that a person can buy and build there own aircraft from. Rather its a RV-3 or a PDQ what plans are the ones to build off of ? I know this is a rather hard question because many have looked them over but never built from them. For me I...
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