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  1. rivilee

    Mitchell Wing B10 Hang Cage design

    I am going to gingerly dip my toe in and see if the whole thing gets bitten off or just a little nibble. My brother and I (mostly him) built and flew (mostly me) a B10 back during the ultralight craze. It was a "wow" experience except for the hang cage. Not that the cage was a bad design but it...
  2. rivilee

    What's the closest to this?

    Pusher, ala Kolb, Challenger, S12/S14, etc. 2-place tandem that could be designed out as a (true) 4 place (or already is a 4 place) with cruise at top end of LSA or maybe up to 175 mph. ICON of course (not amphibious) but something built from scratch or normal price of most kits. 200 h.p tops...
  3. rivilee

    Canard configuration

    Ok, I don't know much so go easy on me... Thinking about the difference between something like a Falcon XP with the fuselage below the main wing and something like a LongEZ with the canard basically in line with the main wing. Specifically, how does the canard being in line or well below the...
  4. rivilee

    Building a Goldwing ultralight

    Well, bought the kit a few years ago and finally gonna start it. Everything is NOS. Only things extra needed is a redrive, exhaust and a ballistic chute. I have a prop for the Cuyuna 430D but would rather use a redrive. Everything's in great shape- still in the original boxes. I will use new...
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