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  1. petroelb

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    And that doesn't even have a pressurized cabin!
  2. petroelb

    How to bevel Nomex Honeycomb

    I have a question regarding the original topic of this thread. Pitts was asking about tapering a nomex core for making a sandwich and it sounds like there are some challenges associated with that. Couldn't you just cut the nomex short of the edge of your sandwich and put a piece of PVC foam at...
  3. petroelb

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I can't speak for anyone else but, to me, the Raptor can be considered a success only when Peter is delivering kits at the advertised price that meet the advertised performance specifications. Anything short of that is a failure. I get the feeling Peter is not prepared for that on the...
  4. petroelb

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Yes, and the lady who founded that company was charged with fraud by the SEC.
  5. petroelb

    Hello from Michigan!

    I did join the cozy builders list and have had a conversation with Marc Z about eglass vs carbon fiber. The major concern that he had was just that it wouldn't be worth the extra effort for the minor weight savings. Cost-wise, it's really not that much more if you find the right supplier -...
  6. petroelb

    Hello from Michigan!

    I'm giving some consideration to using carbon fiber instead of fiberglass... I need to do a bit of research and a little bit of destructive testing before I commit to that, though.
  7. petroelb

    Selection of epoxies for a new design?

    Does anyone here have any experience with AdTech 820 resin? I'm doing some research before starting my Cozy Mk IV and heard some good things about it. It has a very low viscosity so it should be perfect for vacuum infusion and it is UV stabilized but requires a fairly high room temperature...
  8. petroelb

    Hello from Michigan!

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased a set of plans for a Cozy Mk IV and hope to begin construction relatively soon and hopefully finish it before I die. This seems to be a good place to go for advice and information, so I figured I'd better sign up!