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    Move to Xenforo

    The font size is too **** small. I’m not 25 and haven’t been for a very long time.
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    WW1 "Radar"

    If British, they used valves, not tubes. The number of zeppelins was limited by the number of cows available for slaughter. The gas bags were made from cow intestines.
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    Electric speed record plane.

    750 Volts at 550 Amps, I doubt they can do that for 200 miles.
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    B-17G For Sale

    Having flown in the “aluminum overcast” a couple of years ago, I’d recommend that to get a B-17 fix.
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    Building an RV-4 fuselage from the kit is pretty close to scratchbuilding. Nothing fits without lots of modification if you want smooth skins.
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    Torque Wrench

    I didn’t specify, but was driving a socket from the breakover bar. When considering torque, a formula containing a force and distance is implied. More important is how that torque is applied and condition of the fastening hardware it is used on. Further, there is a rather large range of...
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    Request for Info: Static Thrust Measurement

    Consider tying the tail down to limit rotation and chocking the tires to examine horizontal tail authority when under full power.
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    Torque Wrench

    I couldn’t find one locally at the time, so I used a 6” long 1/4” break over handle and a small fish scale that I calibrated. Made a little loop from a bread tie and pulled with the scale perpendicular to the handle.
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    Request for Info: Static Thrust Measurement

    I don’t think static tests of a prop mean very much, as much of the prop is stalled. You measured 11 degrees at the tip, but using what reference? Th backside of the blade or the actual zero lift point of the airfoil, or the center line of the airfoil. Of course, I disagree with adjustable...
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    Wind mills

    I get these request every month or two. They are looking for tracks of land roughly 1/2 mile square next to higher voltage line.
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    Wind mills

    I read a couple weeks ago that the solar panel roads were spectacular failures.
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    Wind mills

    2 grams of CO2 mixed with the 960kg of air above each square foot (sea level). Plants thank you.
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    Wind mills

    The amount of oil consumed each year is incredibly insignificant, just a touch over one cubic mile. In the past 140 years less than 50 cubic miles has been consumed overall. This from a planet with a surface area of 196.9 million square miles. Spread evenly over the entire surface each year...
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    I watched a C150 Spin in today at KWHP. Impossible turn goes very bad.

    One should learn how to fly on the backside of the curve. Very useful for controlling glide distance. But you do have to relax the excessive elevator to get back enough flying speed to flair. The problem for many is they can be unaware that they are on the backside. When they attempt to...
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    I watched a C150 Spin in today at KWHP. Impossible turn goes very bad.

    Last time I horsed around with a 150 I pulled the throttle back to low and also pulled the yoke as far back as it would go to see how it mushed. The airspeed reads around 40 and you bob slightly but nothing much untoward happens other than altitude lost. Saving the plane is not the goal...
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    C 150 usefull load?

    Judging on how fat my instuctor was, if you can close the doors it will fly better on cool days!
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    C90 vs O-200?

    Case is a tractor maker. They might have shared mags back in the 30’s.
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    21st century Volksplane?

    It takes just about as much surface area for a vtail as the combined area of a conventional tail, plus they fly like crap based of the several dozen RC models I’ve flown with them.
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    My other "airplane"

    Nothing could be easier than moving propane from one tank to another. Just connect a hose between the liquid ports, slowly open the valves and listen for the flow. Then open the vent on the tank to be filled and leave open until liquid starts to spray out. This will be quite cold so avoid...
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    Fabrication and Production of Compound Curved Sheet Metal Panels

    Here is how Airstream fabs panels and builds the end of the trailers with all stretched panels. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ImTwGXVVLS4