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  1. J

    HBA demeanor

    Yes. It's all your fault! JUST KIDDING! Don't ban me bro!
  2. J

    HBA demeanor

    This is supposed to be a discussion forum. Where we can express our opinions and inputs. Part of that is arguing and disagreement, since we all have different opinions and perspectives. Misunderstanding is an aspect of human communications. You aren't going to avoid that, even if we all start...
  3. J

    HBA demeanor

    The irony is thick enough to cut with a hot wire... Because misinterpretation and people going off half-cocked happens...
  4. J

    HBA demeanor

    OTOH- Quite a few people here need to acquire both a thicker skin and lighten up. That would probably diminish the "drama" even when topics wander off into the weeds.
  5. J


    This thread was done a year ago. Lock 'em up Dano!
  6. J


    I don't see any "flaming" here, except from you. Posters here are expressing their opinion about the subject concept. You disagree apparently, so are attempting to silence those opinions.
  7. J


    What is worse? Registering a critical opinion or criticizing others for doing so?
  8. J


    A clever well thought out means of suicide is still just another way to die.
  9. J

    Need help designing an A10 Warthog...

    Well... then what do you need us for? More nits: The official name of the A-10 was "Thunderbolt II". The configuration of the A-10 was chosen for very specific reasons. Mainly a big gun and survivability in a hostile air defense environment. Its not a particularly efficient design/shape...
  10. J

    Lifting body + prone position ?

    Paging SVSUSteve (again)....
  11. J

    Laminate Calculator

    Pretty cool. I looked at it embedded in Box. When I get a chance I'll try it in excel.
  12. J

    Bf 108 Taifun factory tour

    They probably took the whole rear of the fuselage off and replaced the bad segments and then reassembled and aligned the tail before putting it back on. If they didn't just write-off the entire aircraft.
  13. J

    rebuilding metal aircraft

    Sorry, but each one would be an epic challenge for even experienced restorers. As in complete disassemble and reconstruction. It is FAR beyond the ability of a individual unskilled novice to tackle. You could spend your life working on them and they will still not be airworthy, probably not...
  14. J

    rebuilding metal aircraft

    What are the aircraft in question?
  15. J

    rebuilding metal aircraft

    Do you intend to return them to flying condition or just to get them to look original for static display? There is a LOT more to aircraft restoration and maintenance than just being able to bend tin. Besides knowing what you need to know in order to do so safely, there are also governmental...
  16. J

    How does HBA know its me?

    All well and good until G00gle et. al. starts skewing the results to influence you for political or financial benefit. And it makes for neat, tidy profiles for government surveillance that is a dream come true for police states. Dependency on technology also leaves people vulnerable to becoming...
  17. J

    Van and Flowscan in the Crosshairs of a Lawsuit

    Its an "investment". To put it charitably. But even when they lose they are rarely out anything more than their time, which, despite the hourly rate, isn't worth that much. Their overhead costs are a pittance compared to more productive endeavors. Often they can collect fees even on a lost case.