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  1. davidb

    GoFly event

    Anyone planning to go to the GoFly event the end of February at Moffett field? https://goflyprize.com/final-fly-off/
  2. davidb

    Useful apps related to aviation

    I just learned of and started using “Windy” which basically shows current and forecast surface winds with very good accuracy. It’ll give you spot data and interactive map graphics data for current and predicted winds by the hour or days. The basic version is free and is particularly useful for...
  3. davidb

    Is polycarbonate reactive to plasticizers?

    I’d like to try using one of the various cling vinyl sun shades on a polycarbonate canopy. I gather there is quite a bit plasticizer in the “vinyl” which might actually be pvc. I’m at a loss trying to decipher all the possible chemicals used as plasticizers and their effect on polycarbonate...
  4. davidb

    Another cross country thread

    On or about February 10th, I’ll be ferrying my airplane back from Florida to California. Considering winds, weather and my limited string of available days, I may have to leave it somewhere along the way. Worse case, I’d leave it south of Dallas. Better, I’d leave it near El Paso. Best case...
  5. davidb


    Ferried my plane from CA to FL. It’s good to have groundspeed double the indicated airspeed.
  6. davidb

    Vinyl wrap applied over fabric

    I know there’s various comments concerning vinyl wrap posted in several threads so forgive me if this has already been addressed. I gather it’s relatively lightweight and looks good. I am considering it’s application to the top side of all flying surfaces of a fabric covered (and finished)...
  7. davidb

    Hail damage

    Yeah, I have some. I’m embarking on an insurance claim and looking for advice from others who have had similar experience. It’s a fabric covered airplane that now has spiral hairline cracks in the paint and developing cracks in the plexiglass canopy. Thoughts?
  8. davidb

    “Go around wasn’t an option”

    Recently had a C152 pilot claim she couldn’t go around because she was at flaps 40 and too low. Conditions were sea level, no terrain, no obstacles. Just wondering why someone would think such a thing? The other day as I was turning off the runway, I was curious as to why I had a new found...
  9. davidb

    For Sale A65 and VP-2 stuff

    It's time to get rid of this stuff. Continental A65 engine overhauled with log, everything except exhaust. VP2 project nearly complete but should be considered for parts only because many things need redo. I'm motivated to sell so I'll entertain ludicrous offers if you can come pick it up.
  10. davidb

    Yaw stability of a boat hull seaplane

    In an unrelated thread I posted a comment about a flight characteristic of my airplane (a boat hull amphibious aircraft) that I'd like to share here. Maybe some of the engineers can comment. In smooth air, the airplane will cruise along hands and feet off quite nicely. However, in bumpy air...
  11. davidb

    Filing VFR vs. flight following

    Shame on me. I haven't been filing VFR but I have been getting flight following on every leg that takes me more than a couple of miles away from civilization. I figured I'd forget to close and didn't see the benefit. With flight following, I was in radio and radar contact when over areas that...
  12. davidb

    Started Searey training today

    I'm in Tavares at Searey Central for my training before we fly our new Searey back to California. I'll try to post post updates on my journey as it progresses.
  13. davidb

    A realistic alternative to Icon

    Just got word that an established manufacturer is about to introduce an "affordable" SLSA amphibious airplane. Seems there might be more than a few flight schools and police departments looking for an aircraft that fits their needs--factory built, and relatively inexpensive to purchase/finance...
  14. davidb

    Sectional overlay for google earth?

    The links in the older threads aren't working for me. Is it still possible to download U.S. Sectional overlays (for free) or has this been shut down? I'm just now learning iPad stuff so maybe there's a trick I dont know?
  15. davidb

    Cross-country planning

    About this time next year I'll be flying an amphibious airplane from Orlando to Sacramento. I'll allow 7 days for the journey as it will be all VFR flying at 100 mph with 350 mile legs (or less) between fuel stops. I'm thinking a southern route will be best for weather and mountain passage but...
  16. davidb

    For Sale A65: overhauled with logbook, data plate

    I've decided to not complete my VP2 project and am seeking a buyer in Northern CA that wants a gem A65 and can pick it up. I overhauled it with the help of an A&P. All parts are new or yellow tagged from professional shops. The cylinders are standard with no damaged fins. Crank had its first...
  17. davidb

    Elastic launch glider competition

    I'm seeking thoughts and advice to give a 12 year old kid on how to do well in this competition. Elastic Launched Glider - Science Olympiad Student Center Wiki Seems the standard design being used is traditional balsa gliders with kits and plans readily available. Success is heavily dependent...
  18. davidb

    Baffling an uncowled A65?

    I have a set of "cub eyebrows" I'll be using on an A65 to direct the cooling flow but I'm not sure what baffling parts I need to direct the intra-cylinder flow. Anybody know of a source for diagrams or off-the shelf parts?
  19. davidb

    Pre-oiling an A65?

    Is there a simple/cheap way to get oil throughout a newly overhauled A65 before the first start?
  20. davidb

    Highcraft Buccaneer II by Arnet Perevra?

    Anyone have any knowledge or thoughts of this aircraft? I found one for sale with a Hirth engine.