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    Why use carburetors on aircraft engines... at all?

    A key point worth making twice. For cars and planes.
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    Why Inexpensive? Results and Conclusions

    Without veering the topic off too much, I'd like to point out that that discussion following the polls and findings are revealing things some of us have not expected -- for example, some of us are not flying much (or at all), and are thinking about leaving the sport. Thanks for the gut honesty...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I'm glad to learn that there are others who feel as I do. I cringe whenever I see a low flying aircraft that isn't attempting to land. Maybe it's under control (Bob Hoover), or maybe it's not. I don't attend pure "air shows" for that reason. Earlier this summer I planned to attend the nearby...
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    Flight school/club using Experimental aircraft

    I know some of the other fellas touched on this, but is there something else that hasn't been said about 150s that students ought to know?
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    Recurring Costs: What really bites you?

    I agree entirely with the time thing. The wise use of time has moved to near the top of my priorities. I gave up a recreational activity last year that I was involved with for 40 years. The 4 hour drive to ride an ATV in the dunes was no longer worth the time. So with the aircraft flying...
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    Why use carburetors on aircraft engines... at all?

    Not that I entirely disagree with you here, but carb icing is a known and relatively easy-to-understand phenomena. If a FI engine starts running rough or not at all, it's a 'wtf' moment as opposed to a 'hmm, what's this?' moment. I'm not an A&P and can't afford A&P labor. Aviation carb systems I...
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    Why use carburetors on aircraft engines... at all?

    I know what Occam's Razor is. KISS just didn't seem quite right, although I agree that this is what homebuilders ought to keep in mind when building and/or designing components. I took license with "Occam's Razor" to respond to the OP's question the way it was written. Your definition of it is...
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    Why use carburetors on aircraft engines... at all?

    Occam's Razor says carbs over fuel injection.
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    "Inexpensive" airplanes you LIKE, and why you WOULDN'T buy one.

    Aerolite 103. Now available as a kit and can be built to an EAB. Won't buy because wings don't fold and no closed cockpit option. Kolb Firefly or Firestar. May not buy because its a tailwheel. Quicksilver GT400. No folding wings and apparently, not available as a new aircraft.
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    Sully - the movie

    Just some data to share (I had a hand in the film biz once upon a time): Most films lose money. For every "blockbuster," 2 break even and 7 lose money (ballpark). And this is for Hollywood fare. Indie films in general rarely earn back production costs. Documentaries almost always have to be...
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    Inexpensive Homebuilts... Why?

    That's the killer right there. I only work part-time (2-3 days a week), but I monitored PPC flyable weather (afternoons) over the summer vs days I got called into work. There were 20 "perfect days" and I had to work on 15 of them. PPCs are permanently off my list because of this revelation.
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    Low budget Ultralight Aircraft

    There is a fella (on another board) using an industrial Generac with some success but he had an attitude problem so I quit following the project, but Generacs might be worth looking into if you haven't already done so. Good luck!
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    Inexpensive Homebuilts... Why?

    Fly on a regular basis. BINGO!
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    Aeromarine LSA

    I looked around their site. A few other things look interesting. Including an upcoming electric motor.
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    Baby boomers flying high in light aircraft!

    I believe that "kids today" are no more or less interested in flying than kids were in the '60s. Occam's Razor supports this line of thinking as well. ---- I also believe, scratch that, know, Aerogal is on to something. I am now going to talk about the elephant in the room: Aviation is...
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    Sun n Fun 2017

    I would not be here today if I had not gone to Fun n Sun in the early '90s. So there's that.
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    Reversing the Decline of General Aviation

    There's no pleasing everyone. Either too much gov't or not enough gov't. Which probably translates into just right.
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    Pilots who write.

    Not to pop balloons, but there is far more money (and easier to make online) in non-fiction. Just want to get it out there for consideration before people start writing. Google self-publishing for a look at what you're in for. The other thing, it's not so much the quality of your writing that...