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    FREE P-47 Replica FREE P-47 Replica Flagstaff

    It would be a good project for our Youth Build Program. They have already build a Sonex and a Zenith 701 and, if they weren't on lockdown, would be working on an RV-12. Sadly, I think the program will remain on hold deep into next year. Vince Homer
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    FREE P-47 Replica FREE P-47 Replica Flagstaff

    Does anyone know what the engine is? I am assuming its either a Rotec or a Verner. Is the prop in the engine package?
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    Seth's Baker Bobcat Restoration

    I have a construction manual, some support materials and several newsletters. Send me you address and I'll send them to you on the condition yo send them back when your finished with the project. Vince Homer vhhomer@hotmail.com
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    Scale ME-262

    Update: Not much happening with the giant ducted fan project. Seems we have gotten involved with a NASA funded project looking at ducted fans on STOL aircraft. Should be done by mid-winter and will be looking for the next project. Happened to notice my set of Jet Hawk plans in the shop...
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    Yamaha 160 lb engine. 130 hp

    You are correct about the Sprague. I have seen one on these installations in a STOL competition aircraft and the prop just free wheels when the engine is cut. I would think this could be a big problem on a Velocity Twin as they don't have as much rudder authority as a normal tractor aircraft...
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    CVT belt for Reduction Drive

    It appears that my post killed the thread. That, or everyone was tired of talking about the topic. I thought the Light Sport comment would light off something. Vince Homer
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    CVT belt for Reduction Drive

    A few years ago I built a rolling test stand that used a go kart CVT as a PSRU. I tested several different props at rolling speed up to 35 mph and wrote an article for Experimenter E-Magazine. I must say the article attracted quite a few naysayers. I did find the system worked in that setting...
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    Becker Transponder

    I recently obtained a Becker ATC 4401-175 transponder and would like to install it in my Onex. I currently have a KT-76 that quit working on the way to Oshkosh. I have an encoder that I need to get the details to see if it's compatible with the Becker. Does anyone out there have any...
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    Making a firewall

    From a practical standpoint galvanized steel is more than adequate and a lot cheaper than stainless or titanium. A 48" x 48" sheet of .019" is only $36 and has the same short term fire resistance as stainless. You may be able to get a piece of it from a local HVAC shop that makes duct work...
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    Hovey Delta Hawk Build

    You might want to contact Brian Carpenter at Rainbow Aviation in Corning, California about the Hovey Delta Hawk. I recall his telling of building one and finding the flight characteristics to be very strange. Vince Homer
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    Scale ME-262

    An update on the fan projects. Both the 11" and the 17" fans have been converted to adjustable blade pitch and some testing done with the new 35 HP 2Si engine in place. The data was a bit disappointing and proved the ex-turbine blades were not ideal for ducted fan use. The maximum thrust I...
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    Electric powered Gyro any thoughts?

    The best airframes for electric power are those with very high aerodynamic efficiencies. I doubt gyros fall into this category. The jump gyro described above is powered by a 3.5 Subaru. To convert to electric power would require supplying an equal amount of power, something North of 150 HP...
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    Replica home builts

    My effort isn't a kit, but was developed from a set of giant scale RC plans. Truth in advertising, this is only a mockup that I originally put together about 20 years ago and have been dragging it around since then. Since we are in lockdown I decided to up grade the mockup and the photos are...
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    How did you choose?

    I have a legacy Sonex and find it OK for cross country if I'm flying alone. It's a bit tight with a passenger. The Sonex B model is enough wider that it would be worth going with that version for the two of you. I would also recommend the higher HP option, I have a Jabiru 3300 and the extra...
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    Replica home builts

    I had some email conversations with a DIETER SEDLBAUER from Australia about 15 years ago. He was building a P-39 replica and even sent me some photos of the project. An all metal version with a 2 cycle engine in the nose. That was in 2006 and i never heard from him again. Does anybody have...
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    Something went South when I tried to attach some files to my post. Here's the CR fan data:
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    I put together a two fan contra-rotating unit a couple years ago and have a little data from it. I used two brushless motors each driving a three blade prop. The unit was run in three configurations: 1. Front motor driving, rear prop free wheeling 2, front motor driving, rear prop fixed 3...
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    Based on this discussion I think I will pull out half the blades and get some data with six. It appears I'm torque limited with all 12 anyhow at the extreme AOA they are set at. I calculated the Kf for the 11" and the 17" fans and they are 17 and 14 respectively. Lots of room for improvement...
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    As long as we're in the "ask the experts" mode, I have one. Why do electric ducted fans from 25 mm to 250 mm all have much higher blade solidarity (total blade area to swept area) than the fans used by the Dreamer, Airbus and others making the larger size units? Granted, the power density for...
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    So many blades for two reasons: 1. I succumbed to the "more is better" line of thinking. The maximum I could fit on the 11" was 16 and 12 on the 17" fan. We also intend to remove blades and test with less blades. In the case of the 16 blade version we can run 8 or 4 and with the 12 blade we...