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    Does anyone know anything about installing a Wilcox ATC 814B Transponder System or where I can get A: further info on system. B: Installation manual?
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    Global Engines

    Please does anyone know anything about Global engines or where I can find information?
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    Global Engines

    I am seeking any information or where I can get information on Global Engines? Please help a desperate oldie. Thanking members for their support.
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    Newbie from downunder

    Hi everyone, I am a retired oldie who has just purchased a built from plans 1700 Hi Max with a Global opposed 4 stroke twin supplying the airconditioning upfront. An ex sailplane pilot of some 300hrs who was very slow to see the errors of his ways before seeing the light and converting two...
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    Global Engines

    I am seeking any info about Global opposed twin four-stroke engine. Or where I can find such info on the net....Help desperate!