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  1. Taiser

    Taiser's Hummel H5 Build... Yes I'm at it again...!

    Well... I finally started working on my H5 build. Started a bit later than I thought because the weather is holding out here and I'm still flying my 750 STOL! I think this will be the last week-end though. Getting to the point where I have to start pre-heating it, and that is just a PITA to...
  2. Taiser

    Firewall! SS or Titanium?

    Starting to stockpile and scrounge for metals for my Hummel H5 build this winter (Build thread will be started when I actually get going! :) ) and am thinking of titanium for the firewall instead of SS. Price isn't that bad from what I can see for the size I need (firewall is pretty small on...
  3. Taiser

    OMG! LOOK AT THIS!!! DROOL!!!!! Carbon fiber 70% Mustang...

    All carbon fiber with a Rotax and they have gone out of their way for realism! Out of my pricerange though... :depressed Video: FK's Incredible P-51 Mustang LSA They also have some interesting designs on their website... Funny I never heard of them before. Anyone know more about this company?
  4. Taiser

    Zenith CH750 build...

    HI! I've had some interest in my build on other forums. I figure if I put the details on here I can point people to this thread and generate some new traffic ;) and I figure it's a good place to keep a good track record of my build. Made some mistakes (minor) along the way and maybe this will...